Hey rising 9th graders!!!  I am just checking in with you to see how your summer is going.  Feel free to tell me what you have enjoyed doing, what you would like to do before the summer ends, and/or what you and your family and friends plan on doing before school starts back in August.  I truly hope you all are having a wonderful summer, but are making wise choices as well!!  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Students the year is almost over, so let’s take yet another JOURNEY!  I would like to know what your favorite field trip has been this school year.  Describe to me and the rest of your classmates where you went, what you learned, and why it was THE BEST FIELD TRIP you’ve ever had??!!!  If you haven’t travelled to any of the field trips this year, describe one that you have taken previously.  Make sure that you are using complete sentences, check your spelling, and remember to re-read your comments BEFORE POSTING!!!!!!


The Summer’s Approaching FAST!!~ What are your plans??????

This school year is almost over.  I am so proud of the gains that  you all have made!  Time flies when you’re having fun…or it flies when you’re busy; either way, we find ourselves at the end of the school year!!  I am curious to know, HOW DO YOU PLAN TO SPEND YOUR SUMMER???  Please be very descriptive and specific!  Will you….go on vacation, if so where?  Do you plan on enriching your education by attending an educational summer camp?  Are you going to READ some EXCITING BOOKS this summer?  I don’t know, so tell me how do you think your summer is going to be–EXCITING?????  As always, please re-read your comments BEFORE POSTING!!!!!!


GUESS WHAT??? It’s TEACHER APPRECIATION week!!!!!!!!!! May 2-6th….

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK is the perfect time in the year to take a moment to show your appreciation to teachers for all the effort they put in each day to teach and for the education that you receive, thanks to them.  Tell me how you plan on showing your favorite teacher or teachers that you appreciate and care about them!   Be CREATIVE!!  Please do not think you have to spend money to show GRATITUDE, GRATEFULNESS, and/or APPRECIATIONa kind word, a beautiful drawing or poem, great behavior, a hand-picked flower–all of these things are amazing ideas!  So please share some ideas of your own on how you plan on making your teacher’s day or week special for him or her.  As always students, PLEASE check your spelling and re-read your comments BEFORE posting!!!!



Soon-to-be 9th Graders—Tell me something you have learned this year that will HELP you next school year……

Yes!  This school year is almost over and you will all soon be 9th graders!!  How exciting!!  Tell me, in your own words, something you have learned throughout your 8th grade year that you can take to High School with you.  Describe a piece of “knowledge” in which you picked up this year that you will take and apply next year.  It can be any thing, in any class that you have acquired.  As always, remember to re-read your comments BEFORE POSTING!!!!


POSITIVITY~ We can all use more of it in LIFE!!!!!

Yes students–POSITIVITY!   I am really big on being POSITIVE in and outside of the classroom, but are we always doing our best to keep a POSITIVE attitude or outlook on life?  NO!  It can be hard to maintain a POSITIVE attitude with some of the challenges you face as teens, but IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!  I would like for you to tell me what you do to keep a POSITIVE attitude or outlook in your life.  I know for most of you being POSITIVE is something you work hard on, so share with the rest of us some kind words or POSITIVE affirmations that can help us when we’re having a not-so-good day.  If you are a person who finds it hard to be POSITIVE, then describe to me how you think you can change that.  Discuss some of the things you can do to create a POSITIVE atmosphere or environment for you and those around you.  Please remember  to re-read and check your comments BEFORE you hit submit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


APRIL is National Poetry Month!!!!!!!

You all know Mrs. Cheffen LOVES poetry and I hope that you all develop interest in it as well, if you haven’t already.   I would like for you to describe to me just exactly what POETRY means to YOU!  This can be expressed or described with one word, several words, or by using a “poem,”– any way to get your point across.  There is no right or wrong answer here, because each response solicits your individual opinion and/or creativity.  As always, PLEASE re-read your comments before hitting “submit”!!!!!