First Semester-Wow That’s a Wrap!!

Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun…or it flies when you’re busy; either way, we find ourselves at the end of the 1st Semester! 

As we get ready to enter the Second Semester of the school year, I want to let you know that we will be blogging weekly (yep, weekly!).  Blogging about what you are reading or a random topic concerning Language Arts, will be your homework every week.  So if you haven’t been reading daily, you better start!   I know you are up for the challenge!  Just to get you psyched, here’s a little challenge to get started.  In scouting, we call this “thorns and roses.”  Tell me the best part of the first semester in Language Arts (roses), and the

  worst part (thorns). I’ll go first so you see what I expect you to do.

Roses: Getting to know over 100 students!

Thorns: Trying to get some of you to turn in your work on!


118 responses to “First Semester-Wow That’s a Wrap!!

  1. my roses would have to be being in the last semester or the 8th grade and passing last semester.

    my thorns are how many test and quizes you have to study for, and the homework

  2. Roses: Having great teachers and getting one step closer to persuing my dreams and goals!!!
    Thorns: Pushing myself to do my best and always give a 100% even when i don’t feel like it.

  3. Roses: Having great teachers and getting one step closer to persuing my dreams and goals!!!
    Thorns: Pushing myself to do my best and always give a 100% even when i don’t feel like it.

    I think this was a great idea, its seems like it will be fun!!!

  4. Roses: The best part about 1st semester for me was when i kept passing my vocab test.
    Thorns: I didnt have anybody to be social

    • Yes Anthony, you did very well on your SAT quizzes and I know you can continue to do so–just keep studying, you are doing a good job! It’s ok that you were not socializing a lot during 1st semester Anthony, because it allowed you to stay focused on getting good grades–that’s a great thing sweetie!

      • Anthony, don’t allow the lack of socializing to discourage you. Focus on your goals and you will go far.

  5. Roses: Having fun in the same learning encironment
    Thorns: Moving to a new one…but I love Memorial ( & Mrs.Cheffen)

      • Absolutely, Stephon! You are a joy to have in 5th period. Continue to be the leader that you are and remain focused on your goals.

  6. Roses: Getting to enjoy a AMAZING!! 1st semester with Mrs. Cheffen & Ms. Taylor and another great year at Memorial.
    Thorns: Having so many intolerable people making me dislike my class.

  7. Roses: Getting to see all my old friends and making new ones.
    Thorns: People doing things to mess up a successful learning environment.

  8. Roses – gettting this awsome teacher Mrs.Cheffin for 8th grade english language arts this year.

    Thorns – only having Mrs. Cheffin for 1 class period…. wissh we had more together your very funny … lol

    • Darius, thanks for the compliment! Make sure you are doing everything you possibly can to succeed in all of your classes, because unfortunately I am not a “master” of all the subject areas–just Language Arts! Lol…

    • U dont ever wanna spend time wit me no more!! lol * no homo*
      But you are a great teacher Mrs. Cheffen Im gonna get held back just for you 🙂
      I’ll be looking for you too Mrs.Taylor

  9. Roses: i was able to transfer my language class ( my learning so much more)
    and i was able to win the science fair going to regionals
    Thorns: many new thing had stay focused on one thing and one thing only not a good thing because i get distracted easily

    • CONGRATS!! I am so proud of you Biancha! I know you will do well at Regionals too. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish and that will keep the distractions at bay…you are a joy to have in 6th period Biancha!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  10. Roses: having a teacher like Mrs.cheefen to always be by my side , being their when I have questions and Always being their to help me .. even though its her job Tehehe lol Thorns: the ignorance that comes in the eighth grade.. no time for ignorance cause its for ppl that aren’t willing to learn

    • Glenisha, ignorance doesn’t only come in the eighth grade, it’s at any age. Just focus on your goals and aim for them.

  11. Roses:mine is that i hav a good teachers and they are all cool.i love my friends and the sports this year.i lik to answer the question when i know it

    • Cayden, what about the thorns? I am glad that you had the chance to play during football season. Focus on your academics and let sports be an outlet for you.

  12. ROSES:i love having a wonderful teacher to help me get through the whole year and you too ms.taylor

    • Jarrett, I am glad to hear that the boys are doing so well this year. Continue to make good grades and stay focused.

  13. Roses: The Feeling Of Being In Class Everyday And Not Skipping!
    Thorns: Not Turning In Every Assignment On Time!

    • Daryn, You have the potential to do the work and turn in your assignments. You need to prioritize and decide which is more important……socializing or getting your work completed and turned in.

    • Xavion, it is important to meet and get to know new people. I want you to know that even though times may seem rough, you can still transform negative energy and circumstances into positive experiences and/or outcomes. Make up in your mind what path you want to travel, because success can be yours at any point in your life!

      Mrs. Cheffen~


  15. rosses: haveing a good teacher to help me with when i needed help and talk with

    Thorns: coming to class some time

  16. roses : being able to have a teacher that i can talk to , && will help me .

    thorns : coming to school everyday .

    • Fredrick, You are doing much better getting to class on time and getting your work done. You need to focus on Fredrick and not worry so much about what everyone else is doing. You have the potential to be a leader…..what are you going to do about it?

    • Jamiyas, if your “roses” discusses enhancing your learning ability to a higher -level, then why is your “thorns” not wanting to hear your teachers encourage you about the new semester? These things can assist you with enhancing your learning ability. It seems kind of impossible to reach a “higher-level” if you have a “closed mind”…just something to think about Jamiyas.

  17. having a teacher like ms.cheffen is a good thing and roses mean the same thing as good because it makes people happy. like if u were in the hospital u got sick or something they would bring u roses and a card and that would make u feel happy like ms.cheffen does.

  18. My roses about the first semester was that i have great teachers.And my THORES were all of the hard and boring testing!!!!!!!! ( just kidin!;) )

  19. Roses- what i liked is learning about the different types of SAT vocabulary words.

    Thorns- what i didn’t like is different students in class disrupt the teachers while their talking.

  20. rose the red to life the hurt to life the blood roses can hurt you but are also the flower of love hope you like it lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. roses are that meating new friends getting to know them
    thorns:are having to do alot of work but overall i still like it

  22. roses: the best part was when we had the conversation cafe.
    thorn: the worse part was when we always have to do the S.A.T.

    • Peyton, I understand you don’t like the SAT words but you if you don’t study them, they will look foreign to you. Study a few words everyday and you will be fine.

  23. Roses: I have wonderful teachers who love and support me through everything and also push me to do my best even when I want to become very lazy. 🙂

    Thorn: I only have one more semester in 8th grade. 😦

    • Kaitlyn, Eighth grade will seem like a breeze once you get to the 9th grade. Hang in there and pace yourself and you will be fine.

    • Cameron, This is just the beginning to writing papers. You will learn to appreciate it later…..most definitely.

      • Cameron, you have a great work ethic and awesome potential! The writing and skills you learn now will definitely benefit your educational success. Keep an open mind and focus!

        Mrs. Cheffen~

  24. Roses:Learning new stuff, having fun with my teachers because they make learning fun!!!
    Thorns:Ignorant students disrupting class!!!

    • Malasia,
      There will always be someone there to try to distract you from doing what you should. Focus on what you want to do and where you want to go. Plot your path and go for it.


    • Landon, as long as you stay positive, come to class prepared, and focus you will definitely have a more successful 2nd Semester! I believe in you 100%!! I know you can do it and I am here to help you in any way!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

    • Landon, you sound like you have some good solid goals that will take you a long way. You just need to map out where you want to be and how you want to get there. I can tell you one thing you could do…..get serious about your work. When you come to class, get serious, between classes do your kidding and joking around then. When you get to class, get serious and you will be able to do better in your academic classes. Focus, focus, focus!!!!

    • No Aminah, you do not have to work on the Resolution Essay at home we will continue it in class, but I do want you to focus on studying for the SAT quiz on Monday…enjoy your weekend!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  26. Good Afternoon Mrs. Cheffen and Mrs. Taylor! Have you heard any on the matter of students lossing their winter or spring break due to the major lose in school days?

  27. roses- having the best teachers ever

    thorns- all the test and homework i just want to come home and chill instead of doin all that homework.

  28. this is getwon hey i think my roses are succeeding this semester nomore lazycheapskate.
    thorns my thorn have been a habits since i’ve been in school not having good grades like i’m suppuse to i don’t know how but when it comes to the end i sucessed begin horrific. it’s like that sain “beginners luck” my is like ender’s luck alway’s start cheap end with good sense.

  29. my thorns was nothing so you can say that I cut them off and my roses was me *duh* or really my friends

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