YOU are the writing expert!

READ the following writing prompt and tell me WHAT do you think should be done and WHY….

In some countries, STUDENTS are responsible for the basic cleaning of their school buildings. Fifteen minutes is set aside each day for all students to sweep, dust, and clean their classrooms and hallways. Think about what your class could do to clean the school.—What if YOU had to clean the school everyday for 15 minutes before classes begin??  Do you think this is a FAIR requirement of students…why or why not?  EXPLAIN your answer–be specific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



70 responses to “YOU are the writing expert!

  1. I think it’s not fair because it cuts down on our learning time, but it is the building we learn in and we should keep it clean so we can work with ease.

  2. I do not think it is fair to make the students clean up the school. It cuts down on learning time, and the students already have enough on their mind about studying and personal problems. Making students clean the school is unecessary child labor.

    • Chad, with almost 30 students in a class, if every student took one minute to clean up behind themselves, the school really wouldn’t need to be cleaned would it? That would only be one minute. However, if students cleaned the school, I think it would help them have some pride in it and take some ownership.

  3. I think that its both fair and not fair because if we had to clean the classes that would take 15 minutes from our class time. Also if we don’t keep the classes clean it wouldn’t make a go learning environment.

    • Terri, I agree that we need to have a good learning environment. I am glad that you think so too. I couldn’t imagine having a junky room.

  4. i think its both. its fair because it makes the school look presentable and makes the teachers and students look like we are clean and neat , but it isnt fair because i feel that its not our job and it eliminates our learning time.

  5. I think it is some-what fair, because it is our school, but if we kept it clean we wouldnt need to clean it it would already be clean, we would just need like little touch up like the bathroom, but we have like up to like 15 to 20 people in the class so if everybody helped than it really would not take 15 minutes because thats just unecessary and you cant expect the students just to clean up why cann’t the TEACHERS do it as well. Thats why i think it is some-what fair

    • Lania, You are absolutely right, it is our school. Keeping it clean shouldn’t be hard. But what do you do when you have students who think that the custodian should clean up after them in lunch room? Students leave their trays and trash all over the table.

      • Well Ms. Taylor, the custodians are just for like a tidy up they shouldn’t have to clean up our mess. We should clean up what we mess up and if we don’t mess up we don’t have that much to clean up, and thank you Ms. Taylor. : )

    • Lania, expecting your teachers to clean up behind you everyday is a shame…think about it–we are already doing it, how do you think the room gets clean before our students come in? I think it’s a good idea to hold you all responsible for cleaning up what you mess up around the school–it will help us all to show school pride. Besides, sometimes your classmates take precious instructional time to talk and socialize when we could be making use of this valuable time and energy! Something to think about…
      Mrs. Cheffen~

      • Ms. Cheffen I don’t expect my teachers to clean up, but its like idk how to explain it. If we had to clean up then they could do it like Ms. Hardy does it, she makes us clean up at the end of the class period. She assigns a section to clean up every week, and that’s after our own class period so I wouldn’t mind doing that, because I know that everybody going to have a chance to clean up too so I totally agree with u Ms. Cheffen.

  6. i think it is a little bit of both…….it is fair because student r the main one who mess up the school building and they never clean up after them selves b/c these always a custodian there to do it………it is unfair because with the amount of time that we have in school it is cutting down on what we could be learning in the class

    • i would also like to add that i think over all i think the kids need to learn to clean up after them selves because if they don’t who will?

  7. wow. ummmm ok, why in the world would someone want to clean up the classroom in the first place. so that’s really taking time out our learning if the classroom 9/10 will get get dirty by the next day. so yea i don’t think its fair.

    • Kendra, how do you suppose the classroom gets cleaned everyday? Yes it runs the risk of getting dirty again the next day, but I think if you take pride in cleaning it (just like we do everyday as your teachers) you will appreciate the learning environment just as much! ~smile~ Sometimes you all take time out of learning already when we have to manage all the talking that is going on in the classroom, so I believe this could be 15 minutes well spent.

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  8. i think that we shouldnt clean because it could cut down on learning time……and i think if students should pick p what’s around them…there should be no problem

    …….technically act like you got some home training..

  9. NO I absolutly do not think its fair. We come to school to learn, not pick up trash. 15 minutes is not good for me. In my own opion i say we have constodiens. Evan though some people make the mess, they really shouldnt do that. They only time i would clean up is if my room was messy. Cleaning up at school is not what I come to school for. I come to get my education. Not to pick up trash.

    • Keara, I totally agree with you. I think it is great for you to “know” why you come to school everyday, and yes that is to receive an education, but if cleaning up provides for a good, healthy work environment then don’t you think that is important too? Just something to think about…..Also, I want you to remember to do a spellcheck before submitting your response.

      Mrs. Cheffen~

      • i know mrs cheffen after i submitted it i noticed that i misspelled it. And at somewhat i agree on you that we should have a better and clean enviroment.

  10. Well, you have to be balanced. It is very important to be clean and organized. It shows what type of person you are and how you want to be looked at. It is always good to give out good impresions, it will be tremendously helpful later in life. On the other hand, your education is a number one priority, and you go to school to get educated. Time is of the essence so you need to use it wisely and spend most of your time learning, but it wont hurt to look good while doing it. All it takes is 5-10 minutes at most, you could spare that much so you can look and feel as smart as you are.

  11. Well i really do think that its fair because everyday when i go into mi classrooms there are sometimes trash on the floor left from other students ,and constodiens have to clean up after us . I thnk that everyday we should clean up for 15 minutes because it would help our school to be more clean although i wouldnt wnt to but its fair to do so . I thnk that before every class starts we should do that so it will be clean and its a really great idea to do , to clean up our wonderful classrooms .So i thnk that its really fair to .

    • Yeah, it totally agree. We are well on our way to becoming adults and other people will not be clean up after us. We need to look deep into ourselves and ask is this going to define us. Will we be trashy people forever or will we be neat, respected people. It is never to late to change. I know one thing, when we get older it will only get 10 times worse. When do we say enough is enough? When do we take control of our future and change it? Well, it alll starts in that 8th grade classroom; taking care of bussiness and cleaning up after yourself. Have a heart and do your part!

  12. I dont think this is a fair requirement because it isnt right to make students that didnt make the mess in the classrooms clean it up.I think it would be best to make sure that teachers can actually find the students that made mess that way other students wont have to suffer.

  13. yes i do agree that it is a fair requirement for students to spend at least 15minutes each day to clean there own classroom.This would help us students to have a better appreciation for cleanliness realizing that we are the ones that have to clean up anyways.this exercise also builds character & gives a very good feeling of accomplishment.

    • Lemoine,
      Custodians do not have a job ‘to clean the room’ but to sanitize and ‘help keep it clean’. Just as teachers don’t get paid for all they do, custodians don’t either. While you may come to school to learn, cleaning your teacher’s classrooms should be done by every student by each one cleaning up after themselves. If this is done, then it wouldn’t be necessary to have someone be it students or custodians to clean the rooms.

  14. I think that having to clean the classroom is a unfair requirement. what do you think the janitor gets payed for?I could see if somebody purposely made a mess then they should clean it up.

  15. I think that having to clean the classroom is a unfair requirement.What do you think the janitor gets payed for?I could see if someone purposely made a mess then they should have to clean it up.

  16. i don’t think it fair because thats what custodian are for.then we lose class time and we already don’t have that much time in class

  17. in my opinion people should clean after thenselves anyways because its their mess that they made. i dont think that they should cut 15 mins of students learing time to clean because its someone elses mess, and thier cuting the student learning time

  18. ummm…. i feel that at one point it is good that students are responsible for cleaning their school… i mean if they mess it up then they should clean it up…on the other hand i dont think that students should not have to clean the school, i think that yes they should keep there area clean but the shouldnt have to clean places that they didnt mess up ♥

  19. I think no one should sweep floor or any that they would have to do @ home. in some way u would u want @ learn in a clean environment. i guess my answer goes half/half. also if that did happen what we do now would change.

  20. i do believe it is a fair requirement because as students we have to take responsibilities for our actions and if we are the ones who are making the mess then we should be the ones who clean it up. we are not in elementary school or at home. so therefore we should be old enough to clean our sschool or classes.:)

  21. well i don’t think that would be such idea because 15min. is alot of class time which we could use for studing or what not…..but on the other hand cleaning up behind ourselfs would give us more responsibilities which i think could help us as young adults and more mindful of our actions

  22. I think it is fair because cleaning up the school could really help some other students learn responsiility in the class and out.

  23. i think it is unfair to clean up the school because that means less work time for us like pre-paring for the crct. If are time gets shorten like it already is we just would be behind in are subjects.

  24. honestly , I do not think thats fair. just because its not their job to clean after other people they come to school to learn not clean others people mess.. and the same goes for me.. u would never catch me cleaning or sweeping in school unless ive made the mess… i think thats the custodians job.. isnt that what they get paid for???.. to maintain the school & keep it clean..

  25. i dont think its fair for the students to have to clean up the school because its not are job to clean the school. its are job to clean the mess we made in the classroom.

  26. I think that students should have to clean the classrooms sometimes but not everday. It reallly shouldn’t be a fair requirement for students because we don’t go to school to clean.

  27. I think it iss fair because we ate the ones there making the mess but then again not all students create the messes at school

  28. i say its both . i think that we should be responsible for the messes that we make ,but if we clean up it takes away from learning . besides what would the janitors do at the school.:)

  29. well. i believe that we shouldn’t have to clean up other people;s messes. mean we are about to enter high school so we should be able to take care of our self’s and be able to clean up our own messes. ! i personally would not agree with cleaning up anybody else trash because it wouldn’t be teacher the other students responsibility and a good work ethic.. so why should we hinder other students by babying them and cleaning up their messes. Soo. i am against this idea. !

    • well. i believe that we shouldn’t have to clean up other people;s messes. We are about to enter high school so we should be able to take care of our self’s and be able to clean up our own messes! I personally would not agree with cleaning up anybody’s trash because it wouldn’t be teaching the other students responsibility and a good work ethic.. so why should we hinder other students by babying them and cleaning up their messes. Soo. i am against this idea!

  30. its not fair thats what we have jantiors for they clean the school and they already went 2 school and learned with out cleaning so now we should get 2 learn without cleaning

  31. no, i do not think that that is fair at all. i belive that it would be cool to have like one day in the week were all the kids in the school help clean the school.

  32. Greetings Students!

    This is Miss Watkins – smile :-). You all should clean up after yourself! On a daily basis, I end up spending 30 minutes to an hour cleaning up after you all because you leave the classroom a mess. Instead of finishing lesson plans, grading papers, and completing other tasks, I have to clean after you. Remember, during the school day, the CLASSROOMS are your home. Do you want a nasty home?

    Thanks and Love,
    Miss Watkins

  33. school is for educational purposes and cleaning is not why we come to school we come to learn something new, so no its not fair

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