What is YOUR Dream??


We are grateful that the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a “dream” of EQUALITY, FREEDOM, NON-VIOLENCE and many other things!  I would like for you to tell me in so many words of YOUR OWN….What do you “DREAM” of?  What do you wish to see happen in this world..what would your speech be about?


90 responses to “What is YOUR Dream??

  1. Hello Students!

    I will go first…I dream about making our world a safer place for ALL children. A place free from starvation, child abuse, hatred, discrimination, and among several other things–LACK OF EDUCATION. There are children in this world that live every day WITHOUT “basic” things like water, food, a place to sleep at night, etc. To sum it all up, my dream requires a lot of CHANGE in this world and it starts at home, with ME.

    Mrs. Cheffen~

    • I too have a dream related to education. It is my dream that all students would be able to read on grade level before they reach adulthood. I see so many people being taken advantage of because they cannot read or comprehend what they have read. 8th grade is an important grade. I also wish every student would take their education seriously and realize the potential that lies within them. So much more can be learned and taught when students have a desire to learn.

  2. i would “DREAM” of ending world hunger because its not fair that children our age dont have the advantage or the oppurtunity of haveing 3 meals a day some even skip food every other day because taking care of their siblings

  3. My dream is to be able to be a hep to my family and community. I want to be able to get up and go out and help my community become cleaner & safer for everyone who lives in it. Also, to help many less forunate by giving them food to eat and blanket to be warm in.

    • Joi,
      Your dream hits right at home. Have you ever gone down to the Hosea feed the hungry downtown Atlanta? It helps you stay humble.

    • Kaitlyn,
      Statistics aren’t always what they seem to be. Sometimes they are skewed in order to look like something but they aren’t. Stay focus on your goals and you will make your family proud.

  4. i think one of my dreams would to become the best phycylogist in the worldd…..the reason being is one less crazyy person in the world….one point for a better society we become…

  5. my dream is to stop any type of abuse going on in the world. i would also like to help other children in need in different countries because i think its so sad that they dont have the things we do. my dream for the world is for everyone to get along, even if you dont like that person you should respect them and what they believe in if this happend then there wouldnt be a war

  6. One of my dreams that i world like to see come true is the dream of peace on earth…. if i had to give a speech about this it would mainly take about how soo many things are going on that can be resolved easily…. also how we as the people can start doing things to help start making peace on earth….♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Shanita, peace on earth would be marvelous! Yes there are many things “wrong” going on in our world, but try to focus on all those things going “right” in the world. If we continue to speak peacefully and handle situations in a peaceful manner, maybe we will lead the rest of the world by example!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  7. My DREAM for the world is to have more african-amercian female role models. My personal DREAM is to be succesful in life. 😉

    • Paige having someone to relate to is very important in life. Sometimes, it is hard for us to find our way, so we look to “role models” for guidance and influence. As long as you continue to work hard and focus your dream of being successful in life will definitely come true!

      P.S…..Paige you are somewhat a “role model” already; think about the people around you that look up to you everyday…younger siblings, the under-classmen in school (6th and 7th graders), and etc.

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  8. My dream is to help people in third world countries with mental health problems where families can be more educated so they can find professional help for there loved ones with mental health problems.This would help to move the the thousands of people with mental health problems of the streets!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. my dream is that they would find a cure for cancer. so then that cure could save my favorite uncle. also that the war would stop cus to me now it poitless. now ithink we’ve made our point. that is a little of my dreams of the world.

  10. Ok, my dream is to never let any one esle die. I know i cant control that but, i hate too see deid people.If their were any way to save peoples lives i would. Im that kind.All these decease that are going on should find cures to them.

  11. my dream is to stop child abuse. i believe that child abuse is one main thing that the world needs to focuse on. in my opinion the people in this world need to gather theirselves together and realize hat is most important in this world. if child abuse continues then what is going to happen with out generation?? the world can and will become a better place starting with US!!

  12. I dream of making the world a better place, because i see so many people living on the streets ,starving,and have know where to go . Mi dream is to help peope with special needs so that we can have a better place for everyone .Caring for others and wanting to make something better is a good thing because you dont want to see people with problems you want to see them healhy like our world is .So i dream of making our wourld a much safer, and better enviorment for our world.

  13. My dream is to make the world a better place.I would make sure that there would be no violence what so ever.I would help all of the homeless people in need.There are alot of people out there that dont have alot and i hate to see them suffer that kind of pain.My dream is for everyone to respect each other regardless if they made a bad choice just to encourage that one not to make that choice again.That is my dream

  14. My DREAM is for everyone every where to have a freedom of speech because what people may say can make a big difference in the word today and change your perspective of thinking!!! Ya

  15. My dream is to get a scholarship to Julliard and there I would like to have a dual major which is when you major in 2 things and my two things are singing and acting. Then I would like to go to another collage for photography. Then I would like to go to a my final collage for writing. My dream has always been to be a singer/ actor then retire from that then be a photographer/ writer. Then when im all done I want to travel all over the world and take awesome cruises. I don’t know how I would do that because i afraid of planes, boats, and everything else that is not on the ground. I like CARS lol but they take to long. So that’s my “DREAM”……. BYE!!!!!! * : ) *. P.S. please don’t ask me to sing i have stageaphobia idk if that’s real people just call it stage fright but whatever.

    • Oh yea and people call me “SOOOO DRAMATIC” but i don’t see it well i know sometimes I can be wait nope I don’t see it. OMG I am so not dramatic.

  16. My Dream Is…
    to stopp the violence and descrimination againt each other. I think it is rediculous that everyday we see people killling people. Yes, we might be different because not everyone’s the same. Wether it’s the way we dress, talk, or act; everyone has their own style or twist. It’s ok to not be like everyone eles because if so how would we know that’s you and not someone eles. How are you set apart from the rest. Oneday we’re going to have to relize were not just blacks and whites, males and females, gays and straights, fat and skinny’ jocks and nerds. We are more, we are equals and as soon as we learn to let go of the categories and groupings; we will learn that we are humans and we all make up the human races. We make up one race, one group, one family. It’s about time we start treating each other as so, because that’s what really matters, what will really make a diffference.

  17. well im no MLK but, i think as a society we could definly improve on plenty of things such as respect and i pointed that out because its really important to me and i disagree with alot actions that i hear about and see n my cummunity also i think the educated people of society can be and should be held to higher standers to ensure the younger students[k-9] grade have more knowledge and better chances to be a success in life after all the younger ones are our future

  18. my dream is to become the best professional skateboarder out there and own my own skate park. I want my skate logo to be called 350. All i am trying to say is i want to be the best and be the most popular skater thats out there.

    • Quintis “riches” do not only lie within the NBA or the NFL…think about additional opportunities to enrich your life doing the things that you love. How can you use the “gifts” that have been bestowed upon you to help others? Just something to think about….

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  19. I’m sorry, I tend to talk a lot or write a lot. You know what I mean. LOL!!!
    My Second Dream Is….
    to get people to stop destroying the Earth. I am a bit of an eco friendly type of girl. I love the Earth and all it has to offer. I am a lot like my dad in a way, I appreciate the small things. For instance, I can’t get enough of the peaceful and relaxing sensation you get when you gaze upon the baby blue sea with a hint of lavender. I love the way the wind blows the trees in an elegant dance. Also I love the dripping sounds of the rain and thunder as they make music. I remember, my dad and I use to sit on the trunk of the car and stare at the rain. We didn’t talk. We didn’t think. We simply felt and it felt good. You see I have to preserve these moments, the moments that too many of us take for granted. All the selfish greed and laziness needs to stop! Whether we like it or not, there is a consequence for everything. We’re going to have to change our ways sooner or later or we will suffer the consequences. This is important and it should be. This is where we were born. Where we made accomplishments, dreams, and history. This is where we lived out our lives. So, for the sake of preserving the past, living in the present, and protecting the future lets save this Earth and everything in it.
    I lied when I said I was a little bit eco friendly. In truth I am very, very eco friendly.

    • It’s okay Aminah..talk/write as much as you would like! I think your passion for the ecosystem is amazing! Have you ever thought of furthering your studies beyond High School to become an Ecologist? Think about it…food for thought! Great blog response!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

      • No, but thanks for the suggestion. Ecology is just a hobby. My real interest is Marine Biology and Neurology.

        I have always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but now I’m starting to shift interest to Neurology. I’m finding it hard to change, it feels akward to change feilds when I’ve loved it for so long.

        Did you always want to become a Language Arts teacher, Mrs.Cheffen?

      • Yes! Aminah I have ALWAYS wanted to teach!! It has been my dream since I can remember and it has been AMAZING for me so far….I have always wanted to help children realize their potential, feel important in life, and help them to not only help themselves, but also to “pay it forward” and help someone else.

        By the way, Marine Biology sounds like an awesome field to explore a career in!
        Mrs. Cheffen~

      • Thank You for the advice. I appreciate it.
        By the way you are a great teacher, its a good thing you decided to follow your dreams.

    • Ok now my computer is messing up. I made a comment that didnt have my name on it, but it didn’t post like i thought it did. What I originally said was…

      Thank You for the advice. I appreciate it. I’m glad you decided to follow your dream as a teacher, I’ll definitely do the same.

  20. ummms my dream is to live live life 4 the mostest 😛 yea but see where life takes me and make my decisions as i go i guess i also dream i can keep my besties,friends,sis/bro,new friends, and old friends as close as possible. :))

  21. my dream is to go to college and possibly get a football scholarship. Another dream would be to go to the marines. And you already know to be a rap star.

  22. HEY!!!!!! what’s up this is trey jones or also known as[ angel 14] and if I was a manga super star ms.Cheffen I would be a well known artist of this time by bring the world hard- hitting manga for years to come and to make my parents proud of me

  23. my dream will be is i will like that the drivin age will go bac down to 16. I know that u get your learners at 15 but i would lik it to go back down cause i want to drive early

    • Zain, it is great to want to make money to supply your needs, but what are your dreams and goals and what do you aspire to become (occupation or career) that is going to generate your “money?” Are there things that you can think of that you can do to help others with the money you earn? Just some things for you to think about……

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  24. I have a dream that I will be succesfull in life and live a nice life. Also,I have that we can get better education for the future. My other dreams are to go to college and get a nice job. Another dream would be to eithier play in the NBA or NFL and be a billionare or millionare.

  25. My Dream is to Be Sucessful but not with fame & money necessarily .
    Then again another dream of mine iss to Beat these statistics the people make about others .

  26. my DREAM is that i will graduate from high school and college. i want to be able to help people who are less fortunate. i would also like to see the world be a much better place.

  27. “Everyone has a dream they want to come true, but the ones who get their dream are the ones who see it through.”

    ~ Anonymous ~

  28. “Everyone has a dream they want to come true, but the ones who get thier dream are the ones who see it through.”

    ~ Anonymous ~

  29. My dream personally would be to helo other ,but also to get as high in education as I can .. and play ing the NFL or NBA .. u know and make a couple thousand or billion or even million dollars.

  30. My big dream is for God to come tonight. And that we would all belive in the one true God, and we all would all unite as a group and then as a world then as a nation and go up with he AS ONE

  31. my dream is to try to help every child who doesnt have a home/food/clothes. and to try and fight if yu are a imigrant if your parents had yu over here you. iwill try and make it so you will be able to get the education that you deserve…

  32. i have a dream that one dayyy…… all emigrants can travel where they want when they want bcuz its unfair for them 2 not be able 2 go 2 a different country

  33. I dream to have a better life than i have right now. I also dream that i will get better to but i know that i have to do my part.

  34. i dream of graduating in 2015 with a smile on my family , friends, and teachers faces. Also going to college to become a chef with my own business and having celebrities come in .To top it off marring Trey Songz or Diggy Simmons

  35. i have a dream to make it to college and pass through college and i want to go to the nfl. i will lik to hav a wife a have two kid mabe three.

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