Uprising in EGYPT–ALL communication cut off!!!!!

It’s been all over the news–The President of Egypt has been re-elected for a 5th term in office.  The country of Egypt is located in Northern Africa.  The people are upset and protesting because they wanted him out of office.  This country is in complete uproar and turmoil–the people have gotten so out of control that earlier this week the government SHUT DOWN all communication in and out of the country!!!  No cell phones, Internet, or texting!  Here is your task–describe what life for you would be like here in the UNITED STATES without these everyday privileges?????  Please give specific details and watch your spelling!!  


70 responses to “Uprising in EGYPT–ALL communication cut off!!!!!

  1. In my opinion, it would probably be a lot more peaceful, yet a lot less technologically savvy. We would only have letters to communicate, and we would probably be behind all other countries.

    • Thanks Kaitlyn for being the FIRST to blog this week! Things may be a lot more peaceful if that type of communication was taken away, but communicating by letter would not be the ONLY way to reach or contact someone….just a thought!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  2. In my own opion i cant live without none of those things. This is why you have a planner. To plan out things. Without these things you wouldnt have much information on how to do things or how to find them. These items are important to me. But I dont let those things get into the way of whats really important. (School). That is way to important to me. I understand some kids dont have this stuff but, I wouldnt want to live without my phone, texing, an my internet.

  3. in my opinion, I believe that it will refocus our mnd to thngs like reading and writing. I think it could make us also make us drawn closer to ourselves and we don’t really have dstractions from finding our true self. I think it would also make us smarter as a country because we can be more focus on school, jobs, and supporting our family.

  4. Whew , life without Internet , cell phones , or texting ? My life would be difficult and weird. No technology would make me actually have a reason to write letters and see people in person. Though it would help people improve on writing skills. In my opinion Technology in the US = Life .

    • Marghece, sometimes we need to “see” our loved ones and friends more, and yes if there were no advanced use of communication and technology, then we would be somewhat forced to resort back to letter writing and actual visits–is that so bad?

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  5. With al honesty i think the world would be a more quiet place. Families would be able to spend more time with each other, and not worry about paying for elctronic bills. Theres also a downfall to not having any communication in the world. You wouldnt be able to contact your family or freinds that are in diferent states, plus bisnesses would be harder because you would be doing everything by hand. That would make things harder on american workers. Thats how i feel on this topic.

    • Also i couldnt live without tecnology. My life would feel incomplete. I love my cell phone because it helps me remember things. Im being serious i have a planner and everyting on there. lol:]

  6. i would be mad because that is illegal just because they are protesting so they turned off communicatiuons !!! thats gay

    • Landon, please do not type anything in response to what you posted on this blog site…I’m serious. Re-submit your posting or you will not receive credit this week. We need to make sure we are responding like mature young-adults.

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  7. my life would be like over it would be so boring i would have like noting to do and it would be hard to have a bay at school .

  8. if we were not able to use thye internet then i would not be able to do some of my homework. this would make me highly upset because the internet is like my free time and trust me i really do need my free time. if my cell phone was to stop texting..OMGEEE!!lol…i would be very angry>:|

  9. This would be so much that would not happen today in the world…….and me without these things would be not having freedom to do anything

  10. I would be very angry. Today, people can barely survive without simple communication devices. Businesses rely on the internet and phones. This would cause the economy to go into even more turmoil and the citizens of the United States would be flabbergasted about the change!

  11. umm i would be very upset i mean for sum ppl u think its ok but for me i don’t think i couldn’t live one day without my phone. so i dnt think i could live a day with out internet either. Like realli i would be mad if somebody you dnt want to be your president, run for president again it would kinda worry me, but it dont mean u gotta take sombody’s spare tyme away from them. ughh so RUDEE :PP

  12. I would be mad at the government for taking these things when we would really need them. because in the near future we might have a crisis and just run on cell phones ,internet and texeting.

  13. if we were not able to use the internet then i would not be able to do some of my homework. this would make me upset because the internet is like my free time and trust me i really do need my free time. i really think life in the US. wouldn’t be as enjoyable if those everyday privileges were taken away from us.. ! truthfully i wouldn’t want to live in a world with out those privileges.. :0

  14. Errrrrrrrr!!!!!!! I would be sooo mad if i didn’t have any electronics because most of our homewrk is done with computers. And, I really need my cell-phone i don’t call people i txt(unless it’s an emergency). 🙂

  15. my life without cell phones, and computers will be boring. You can`t contact your family or friends or anybody. I can`t live without computers because i like computers i know how to fix them and contacting them by boat or train might take a long time.

    • Evans, yes it would be difficult to contact those in the transportation field without the advanced use of communication that is available today. Great way to look at things!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  16. I think there are two sides to this situation. If there was no technology the world would be more serene. Technology like cell phones can be a hindrance to our education and protection. Thousands of people die or are seriously injured when using cell phones while driving. Also texting is a distraction, especially for zealous people. You focus more on communicating with friends than your education. Not to mention, when your text you’re no applying any skill or proper word use.
    On the other hand, technology improves our country and the world on a whole. It allows us to communicate with others at a close or far distance. Also we can relay information faster and more efficient. We use cell phones everyday and life would definitely be different without it. Therefore, it all depends on your perspective and what you value more. In my opinion, we can unjust to either. With that said, we should do what’s best for our country and what will benefit everyone.

    • Aminah, sometimes I am speechless at the wealth of knowledge you have attained at such a young age! Thank you for elaborating on the blog topic and actually providing an analytical view of both sides to the topic at hand. Thanks for being a leader!!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  17. I think life today in the United States without cell phones,internet and texting would be very boring .You could not have that time to text to your friends or family all over.Or when you are on the internet you cannot have a source to help you with homework .You also could not make your own buisness or get employment easier you would have to drive to get your own job application.Last without cell phones and you meet in an accident then it would be hard to contact the police.

  18. i would also want to teach myself how to study and study in all of my classes just in case we had a pop quiz mrs.cheffen thinks that im about play.

  19. I think it would be really hard, because therr would be no form of talking to the people that you want to talk to. We would not be able to do anything that would be fun. We would have to find other ways to talks to each other.

    • There are other things that are fun that can be fun with no use of cell phones or internet but it would be hard to organize it.

  20. This is a very bad thing in all cases. I say this because everybody needs to know what is going on around the world so we are able to help each other in our time of need. Therefore, we need to communicate with each other.
    Now going back to our our country if they did do this to the U.S. and there is no information going in and out of the country we will not serve will long. I say this because with our country and the system of communication we use to help enhance other countries government system and to make peace with others, we will no longer be able to do that if we shut down all the access that we have to the outside world. This may also cause our country to become more hectic and unstable. Any company that is sell merchandise outside the U.S. may or will be shut down at one time or another have our countries income lowered because we are not bring in as much GDP (gross domestic product), or money for the country. This will bring me to a new statement with in this argument causeing us to no longer become up to date to the new technology that is alway being created.
    That is were I stand on this statement and i will keep everyone posted on any farther ideas!! ; )

  21. LIveing without cell phones and the internet it would be taribal. kids would be in dagere becaues kind might get kidnap or they might get lost. thats way i think i would be teribul!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think people would not have anything to do. People spend most of the day on the computer or texting. If we had no tech things we woudlnt even have this blog to post on. That would be bad because I really enjoy bloging on this blog. Ms. Cheffen’s topics just so like something to think about. There never boring like “ohh I really don’t like this or want to do it.” How would we talk to our family in chicago or all around the world? A letter can take days. It could take you a month or 2 just to finish one conversation. Where if you just text them or call you can finish in an hour or mabye even 30 minutes. In conclusion i think life would be like boring without these everyday electronics we use. SOOOOOOO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. First thing that i asked myself was…”For what reason?” I could’nt think of any reason for the president cutting off communication.
    The life with no communication, far as cell phones & Internet, would be caotic with all some people. A fact that many people may have looked past is 911 calls. You might have an emergency and you may be nowhere near home and have to get professional help.
    On the other hand, that one less thing in the way of you not focusing on your work. SCHOOL IS VERY IMPORTANT. Cell phones and internet is something that was lived without and STILL CAN BE WITHOUT.

  24. I would be very upset if i wasn’t able to use the phone and get on the internet.I think the president is being very unfair to his people.

  25. In my opinion our country would go crazy. It would be harder to get things done with those privileges. People need and use internet, texting, and cell phones everyday.

  26. Life without cell-phones wouldn’t be fun. We wouldn’t be able to get in contact with our parents or family. If we got lost or kidnapped we wouldn’t have anyway getting in contact with the police. Phones actually help everybody but then again kill brain cells. But I still think cell phones are very useful and helpful.

  27. life without cell phones would be horrible….the world is a big ball with billions and billions of wires in it waiting for someone in the world to make one do its job. i would not like that simply because its a way of people keeping themselves up to date on whats happening around the world. you also use your technical devices for your job to, so how could you get all your work done without being able to send it in??

  28. My life without communicating privleges would misery. I wouldnt be able to get on the internet and go on my favorite website.I wouldnt be able to text my friends.My life would be terrible if i didnt have this type technology

  29. It would be a total mess! i do blame them 4 what they done. life in the U.S.A would be bad. i say that because it wil be hard to post blogs like this, do homework that had 2 be typed. lots of information would not get to us on time. it would jus be hexic. i guess then will have2 go old school.

  30. What i think about is that it would be very efficient in many ways. This can help to stop texting and driving, texting during class, and also cyber bullying. With all these distractions gone we can finaly have a little peace in the world for a change without any thing going wrong. And we could spend more time with loved ones and not be so caught up in our duty’s at work.

  31. For me life would be a little boring. I mean the world might be better without it but we wouldn’t have the technology that makes life easier. For example we would have computers so we wouldn’t be able to have this blog.

  32. I think that egept won’t be very nice. if a war bust out then they would be weak and worthless. the only thing they could do is to send mails, and that will take about a week for most.

  33. it would also make life very boring.I think that egept won’t be very nice. if a war bust out then they would be weak and worthless. the only thing they could do is to send mails, and that will take about a week for most.

  34. life would suckkkkk! not saying that technology is the best thing in the world but it helps us communicate with distant people and get information faster. it also provides us entertainment which probably enlightens most peoples daily life

  35. I think that life in the U.S. would be boring. Another thing is we would find a way to communicate with other people. Lets be real this country is to big for the goverment to do that. Plus, that would be stupid for them to do that.

  36. in my opinion, it would be crazy cause you will be bored but maybe yu could just pick up a book or sit and think for a while..

  37. It would be a violation of the US Constitution and also america would be the same.We are a very technologically based country. If we can’t have are basic privilages there would probably be riots everywhere.

  38. Life would be easier and hard without cell phones. I say easier because you wouldnt have to deal with all that stuff tythat your daughter or son is doing in there phone. I say hard because you wouldnt be able to get in touch people as fast as you want too.that is my opinion dont have much too say.

  39. I would be mad cause i would hate to live without my internet and cable thats one thing i need .Ii would be fair either considering that the president didnt come out of pocket to pay for what they got at home now

  40. Life in the united states would be slow without technology . The U.S is becoming more and more technology based as generations pass by . Most of the ways we communicate is through technology . If technology got cut off then the U.S would be horrible .

  41. i can honestly say that life for me without the internet or my phone would be soo messed up…. i can live without it but then again i cant… the internet and cell phones are the worlds biggest way to communicate with everybody… so for me it would be really TRADGIC!!!! LOL

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