ARE BOOKS DEAD??? READING…Technology or Traditional?????

Reading is FUNDAMENTAL….yes I said it!!!  Reading is the basis for all learning.  An EFFECTIVE reader can succeed in any content area.  We all know how easy it is to go to your local library, bookstore, or media center to pick up your favorite book, but how has technology affected your choices?  The new eBook reader is an electronic device that makes it possible for you to read tons of books from a digital, personal device.  The two most popular eBook readers are the Nook and the Kindle.  Tell me, do you think that this new “technology-at-your-fingertips” will cause people, mainly students, to STOP reading books and utilizing their resources at the local library OR do you think books(paperbacks and hardcovers) will continue to be processed, read, and loved by avid readers?  Even if reading is not your favorite pastime, tell me which you would prefer, be specific,and support your positionFYI…there has already been talks of replacing school books with eBook readers in the near future….


66 responses to “ARE BOOKS DEAD??? READING…Technology or Traditional?????

  1. I think the eBook is better because it is easier to just go and download the book and start reading , but with the library you have to use energy to get the book by walking, driving & using gas. Also , with going to the library they might run out of the book , but on eBook you don’t have to worry about it.

    • Thanks Joi for being the FIRST to post to the weekly blog!! Is it so bad using energy to go to the library to get a book? Think about this…at the library books are free, but book titles on an eBook reader cost money. For every book that you just happen to download comes with a cost.

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  2. I think its better reading a book using technology because its easier to get and read. Also you save money and gas because you don’t have to drive all the way to the library and the trouble of finding the book.

  3. Joi took my spot! Lol, but I personally enjoy using both the eReaders and actually books. To me, books are the easiest, because you aren’t constantly staring at a screen, which could damage your eyes. And you can’t borrow eBooks, you have to buy them. The library is still my second home.

  4. I say that both are absoutly great.We can use them any time without problems. Reading regular books to me is basically the same as ebook.But not everybody has internet to go on ebook. So, at some point i would choose any other book.Books are really easy. It helps your comprehensiom in all subjects.


    • CEARA you don’t have to read real(paperback) books all the time. You can also read books from a nook every once and a while.I do agree with the whole rreading thing if you want to succed though. Can you download school books to your nook?

  6. If you are an avid reader, you will continue to purchase books from the library. Now as time goes on an people of new generations come about, they will increase the amount of people that read books on an iPad or a Kindle. Personally, I would rather read a book on a electronic device because I wouldn’t have to worry about losing th book, having a bookmark, or flipping the pages.

  7. Technology is a better because u dont have to keep up with a bunch of books you only have to keep up with that 1 ebook. I would rather have the ebook although books have all ways been in my life.

  8. I feel that a book is better than ebook. The reason is because with ebook you have to be staring at the compter all day which is not healthy for your eyes. If you plan on going to college you have to get use to the fact of reading lots of books. I dont see what the problem is for you go to the library and check out a book its not going to kill you. Books will never die because some of us see the joy in picking up a book and reading just like me.

  9. I think their the same but both have their cons. Like the ebook u cant take it everywere.With the book you can lose them.The ebook can reads to you, and books can get boring.

    • You can lose alot of things if thats your only con for not having to read a book then thats not a good reason.Even if you read a real paperback book or a ebook it can get boring no matter what its still the same book. sooooo yea : P

  10. i dont think books are dead they help keep elderly people socialized like newspapers and to some people books .They keep them from the wrong crowd and keeps them steardy and have triumph in themselves .The following things i just stated i should do more often like i should be doing or shall rewind that ;”Will be doing.”

  11. I think that e book will be a good source because i think that it will draw more attention to people who do not loke to read because of how high tech it is.Then like joi said on her reply it will be easier to find any type of book you want instead of going to the library and try to find a book you like ,but they dont have it.Basically what i mean is that i think students will stop reading paper back books.

  12. I think eBooks are a good invention for people who are always on the go and like to read. The eBooks is very convenient and will save you time from checking out a book. I think eBooks are great, but not for me. I love the experience of trying to find a book I love. When you use Kindle or Nook, it takes away from the adventure of the book. The book alone has a history. It took hard work and dedication to make the book what it is, and some people are too lazy to even take the initiative to get the book unless it’s at their finger tips. If I was the author I would feel a little hurt and that maybe my writing is not good enough. I mean, what happened to the excitement and anxiety people use to get when they knew a new book was being release. They couldn’t wait to get it and I’m the same way. Therefore I prefer the old fashion way. Technology is good, but personally some things are meant to stay the same. I feel this is one of them, because if you change it, it changes the whole experience. It is like in Transformers, they change the actress of Michaela. I thought that was a huge mistake and it might not be the same. Not to mention, I have bad eyesight and small devices with bright lights already hurts my eyes, so I defiantly cannot stare at one for hours.

  13. I think book are dead because i don’t like filping through pages when you can go on the computer and read without fliping thourgh pages.

  14. To me they both are good ways to read. The eBook is better to use and easier to keep up with. With books you can lose them quicker and you have to go out and get them. I would rather have the eBook.

  15. actually.. i believe that the kindle and the nook are updated hard cover and paper back books. Just for the new generation.People wouldn’t just stop completely reading hard cover and paper back books because some wouldn’t be able to afford them. I really believe that books will never be forgotten. I thin it really doesn’t matter where and or how you read.. just as long as your reading

  16. Yes, I think books are dead and yes, I think perfer the NOOK beacause of it’s qulity and would be more interesting to use other than just a plain book. You probably can save your favortie books to the NOOK or KINDLE flash drive.
    Just Saying 🙂

  17. the technology is abosolutly a better way to read books than going] to the library in my opinion. i say this because i am always on some type of technology and if i could acess my school books on eBook,then i would diffenetly be studying every night. in my opinion the eBook is a beeter way to acess books than going to the libraray because as time goes on people are getting more into electronic things. the world is getting more technical everyday and o think more people would read books if they had eBooks.:)

  18. I dont think that books are dead. I think that the person who likes to read a lot prefers reading the book digital or the actual book. Some people dont like reading the actual book because it can put you to sleep. If u read it electronically though you wouldnt fall asleep.

  19. books are not dead because if people wantwd to read they could, but they choose not to. most of the time when people read, it is about something fascinating.

  20. I don’t think that the new eBook will take the place of books in a library.
    Because, some people like the traditional way of reading books, and others
    like the new technology of eBooks. So it all depends on the person and how
    hey like to read.

  21. oh yeah im back again i think if you wanted to learn or read more about technology you could access the internet at home that would be a better way in my opinion instead of wasting gas on the car to get back and forth to the library

  22. “Books (traditional) can go anywhere, but technology batteries can always go died, loose connection, or not even be allowed,” said by my Mom. I agree 100% with her to because if I would like to read a book after a standardized test eBooks, Kindles, and Nooks Are Not Allowed. There is also a situation at has taken place many time before that is when someone may be traveling and the battery may go died or lose connection and you are in the middle of a selection and there is nothing you are able to do about it. To me that would be a big problem. I prefer books because they can be taken everywhere and are never restricted. You can read it at any point in time. They also bust up sell for the authors because they are wealth more then eBooks.
    As for book being dead in general….I would say yes, they are because many people are either to busy or just don’t care to have the time to sit down and enjoy an adventurous selection of examples like Tricks by Ellen Hopkins or Everything Beautiful in the World Lisa Levchuk, two of my favorite selections. No one does that any more. I would love to watch a group of today’s kids read an actual book with chapters and more that 200 page (other then the textbooks they provide for us) it would be a very wondrous moment.
    If they did replace all of the textbooks with eBooks, what would that be teaching the kids? How will they know how to us an index, glossary, table of contents, and all the other important part of a book?
    I would love everyone to like about this and comment back on your answers please and thank you if you do!!!!!! : )

  23. I think both are good. Although if i had to pick one i would pick a nook(ebook).I would pick this because it is better. Like you know how your not supposed to read in the dark you can now do that with the nook or ebook. Techonolgy will always be on top, but sometimes you just want an old fashion real paper back book. In conculusion the best way would be the ebook. The real thing is also excptable.

  24. I think that books will live on forever and will never die. Books will always be a important part of our lives, books will never be lost. Ebooks will not ever take the place of books, no matter how advance the world gets. Some people loves to read books just for fun, just so they can say they actually had the chance to pick up a book.

  25. I think that soon paper back book’s will be replaced by e-book’s and kindles it is better because you can have any book at your finger tip’s.I also think it will help book wrighter’s sell more because people can just buy books at home and dont have to rent from libary’s. :0 🙂

  26. I think that paper books are getting very old, with ebook you dont have to worry about your book breaking ,OR going to the book store/ libary and them not having it sooo… yes I think EBOOK is better.

  27. i think that EBOOK is better. With ebook you dont have to worry about your book ripping or the pages fallin out . instead of having to got out to find the book you want you can just download it.

  28. i think that both are really great, but i think its better sticking with a regular, old fashioned, paper or hard covered book. i say this because , 1. your really paying like $3.00 for something you have to download or staring at a little screen all day. I mean my mom has the Kindle, right and like I think its pretty that you read books how ever many books into this piece of tech., or how you can also access the internet through WI-Fii. So its cool to discover new things you can do on this, but on the other hand its kinda a hassle spending $5.00 on a book that you can easily get from your local library or just going to the book store it self. Soooo…. yea i would go with a regular book don’t waste your time on getting one of those eBooks unless you really want one 🙂

  29. Reading is UGH ! I rather read boooks using technology than reading traditionally . When you read a book on the computer , you dont have to worry about driving , walking or whatver to the library . So you save money on gas & stuff . You also dont have to worry about the book being over due , messed up , or paying late fees . When you read books on a computer you can read the book faster , easier .

  30. I do think that the E Book is a better source to read from. that means you dont have to go out and get a book. in the distant future I think books will still be made but just not as much. I also think that this new technology will take over and people wont want to read that much anymore.

    • i disagree i actualy believe that since people would have a reading ap in the plams of their hand. Literally…. they would read much more because they wouldnt have to worry about going to a library!. I mean i know i would… wouldn’t you? i feel u contridicted your self by saying and i quote “I do think that the E Book is a better source to read from. that means you dont have to go out and get a book” and ” I also think that this new technology will take over and people wont want to read that much anymore.”

  31. I disagree I actually believe that since people would have a reading app in the plams of their hands (literall) they would read much more because they wouldn’t have to worry about going to a library! I mean I know I would… wouldn’t you? I feel u contridicted yourself by saying and I quote “I do think that the E Book is a better source to read from. that means you dont have to go out and get a book” and ” I also think that this new technology will take over and people wont want to read that much anymore.”

  32. i would rather use the technology that we have today cause it is way easier then driving all the way to a libary and wat if yu dont have libary card for that libary then yu will have to wait in line but instead just use tha computer at your on house….

  33. I think that the technology will bring more attention to us. Now these days, people lovve the new technolgy. Even me! Like if all we had was technolgy everybody would enjoy reading. I dont!(real). So yes i do agree. It will bring more attention to us.

  34. i think i would go with reading through techonolgy because it just look better, and easier. maybe even in the future we might have books implanted in our heads. so basiclly i would do that jus to flow with the time period.

  35. I feel that this new technology will actually make students and adults want to read more.It makes it more easier for the adults and the students to understand.Reading can enhance so many skills.Reading can enhance your vocabulary.Reading can influence many people in good ways.

  36. yes i do think the new form of reading will put a down turn on going to the ;ibrary and just checking a book out. people look forward to new technology everyday because its all around them.the’yd like to be ahead and updated on whats in/new.BUT i dont think books will be penalized too soon maybe in another century but not to soon. personally i LOVE books the suspense in the books that i like to read keeps me long hours and it wpuld be devastating if the only way you could read a book is by looking at a small screen that does the reading for you. and the info about the new school books is sad and i dont like it at all. how are we suppose to afford ALL those devices for hundereds of children?!?!

  37. Books are not dead, and they never will be. I prefer traditional books better than technology because staring at a screen hurts and damages your eyesight. So why risk your eyesight when you can just go to the library or bookstore to get a book. Stop being lazy (:

  38. people probably don’t read traditional books as much as they used to is because the are sometimes harder to get and cost more. the kindle is a miniture library basically and they don’t have to do to much to get a book.and if they stop making books then at least it will save paper and trees.

  39. i think that traditional books will stop being used . people make new technology every year and the world is becoming more technology based . i cant picture people using traditional books in the future so i think at a certain point they will stop making books and use the internet as a resource for books . but its not fair that ebook costs money so honestly i have no clue . it just depends – Nije

  40. I think that using technology is better because you don’t worry about your book breaking. You also don’t have to worry about returning your book at a certain time or date.

  41. i think that using e book is better because you can have a book at your fingertips without going to the library. Also going to the library takes time and wastes things you have to do . Having a portable device is better and effecient.

  42. i think that using e book is better because you can have a book at your fingertips without going to the library. Also going to the library takes time and wastes things you have to do . Having a portable device is better and effecient.

  43. I don’t think that reading is dead, its just that technolgy has made us lazy. Now everyone is use to computers, no one wants to read anymore.

  44. yes i think it is dieing becase everym thing that you need is on the computer.but alot of people steal read book and it is easyer now case you can get all the books you wont on the convenent ipod

    • Getwon, log out and go back in please. The most recent post ALWAYS comes up first . Please make sure you go through and search the entire site before jumping to conclusions. There are several ways to get to the most recent blog topic–you can also, click on the “date” tab that should be located to the right. Focus please!!

  45. I wouldnt say books are dead , but i would rather use both.
    Books- you can get more interested to see what happens next than watching it by technology.
    Technology-you can get a better understanding and less destractions

  46. in my opinion, i think that because of the ereader books will be produced less than normal… tecnology is getting so much more advanced that there are going to be alot of things that are going to change including the way people read, and how the read it…but to go back on the issue of going to the library, if everybody has an ereader then wats the point of going to the library..

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