NO Facebook for the Obama kids……..

There’s no denying Facebook is useful: The site makes sharing photos and organizing events easy, allows old friends to reconnect and, honestly, has saved me from countless forgotten birthdays.  But, our FIRST LADY Michelle Obama, thinks Facebook is not appropriate  and unnecessary for her children and other young children.  And it’s not just because their father is THE PRESIDENT.  “I’m not a big fan of young kids having Facebook,” she said. “It’s not something they need… It’s not necessary.”  What are your thoughts on children having Facebook accounts?  At what age do you think it is “appropriate” to safely manage a Facebook account?  I know a lot of you already have one, but do your parents know exactly what you are giving people access to?  Be specific in your responses please–no one-line comments and check your spelling/capitalization!!!


62 responses to “NO Facebook for the Obama kids……..

  1. I think a facebook should be given to any kid who parent allows them to hsve one which i think is 11 to your grown up age facebook is really a privilage which she be used the right way and not msused by little kids.

  2. Lemoine, Congrats on being the FIRST person to post to the Class Blog!!!! I think you are on the right track by stating that Facebook should be used the right way and not “misused” by younger children. Remember to check your spelling and re-read your post before submitting.

    Mrs. Cheffen~

  3. I think we should have a facebook because it’s a good way of communication with our friends, and it tells us what we need to know about certain events.

  4. umm to me its neutral because it depnds on their parents if they want you to have one then go ahead but if they dont then to bad im not saying its good because there have been reports on people giving to much information that got them killed but its not bad either because you can connect to a lot of old friends and far away relatives

  5. Considering the fact that I’m younger and not as mature as Mrs. Obama, our stances might not be the same. I do agree that facebook isn’t necessary, you can function everyday without it. Although, facebook is how A LOT of people connect and talk to each other. It is how people can have social life outside of school and using cell phones. I do think that facebook wouldn’t be appropriate for anyone under 13; the age limit. If the Obama kids got a facebook, they would probably have thousands and thousands of messages, friend requests, and notifications, so I they would be better off without one.

    I just wrote a book. 🙂

  6. What i think about facebook is that, its a great sources for children and adults to use.I dont see anything wrong with having one. I know some parents wont let their child have one{ Like my parents} because its unsafe or just whatever. I wont one but i think i should get one because its a great sources for commnicating on .But, also at some point it can get in the way of you doing what’s important.

  7. I think kids younger than 13(which are bascisaly elementary kids) don’t need to have facebook accounts because they actually don’t know whats it’s for. And they think its cool just to have one. I also think they don’t need an account because of how they use it for example, like cyberbulling and inappropiate pictures.

  8. wowzz.Should young kids have a facebook account?From my point of v iew i think any child could have a facebook account but depending on the parents decision.Facebook is a nice source of cummunication with friends an family who you have probably havent speaken to or seen in years,so facebook is free to anyone.On the other hand facebook can be also dangerous because some people put to much information and it gets out of hand and the parents dont ever know, so your parents would know if you need a facebook because your parents know what type of person you are and what you would put on facebook.

  9. I agree with Michelle Obama in some regards. True, younger kids should not have Facebook accounts. But what is her definition of someone being a young kid? Different people have different opinions on what a young kid is. To me, you should be able to manage a Facebook account at 13 years of age. I started a Facebook account at 11 years old. My parents do understand what people can see on my page but Facebook and other social networking sites are improving the security of someone’s page. If your page is secured to your liking, no one should be able to see your page other than the people you want to, or the government if they have a warrant. Facebook is something that you don’t need but you do want. If your friends have it, you most likely do, too. Facebook allows you to keep up with your friends outside of school and if you have relatives or friends that live elsewhere, you can keep up with them as well. I think it is appropriate for teens and adults. I am a teen so I have an account and so do my parents so my Facebook actions are monitored. Lastly, if your kid wants a Facebook account, you should let them have it if they are a teen and their security settings are to your liking.

    • Good Pionts, but try telling that to my parents. I know they want to protect me, but I really want a facebook so I can talk to my friends more. They have one, but they think kids, teens, basically anyone under 16 should’t have one. This is why I don’t have one, and I’m to much of a goody tussue to sneak behind their backs and get one. So tell this to my parents and lets see how they feel. If I’m lucky, they’ll consider it.

  10. I think that facebook should be allowed to kids 10 and older. Without facebook how would people talk to each other. Ithink that facebook should be used in the white house. Michelle Obama is just being a little strict. There are features on facebook that I wouldn’t let kids 9 & younger use.

  11. facebook is not ment for everybody, i think it should be allowed to kids 12 and up. it’s a great way of communating with others just like ROY said ” Michelle Obama is just being a little strict”.

  12. I think that a kid should be allowed to have a facebook page at age 14. I say this because I fell that when you are 14 you should be mature enough to have a faceook. My paretns don’t exactly know what I put on my facebbok page ,but I tell them nothing is on there. I also just let people who are my friends on facebook let them see my profile.

  13. i think kids at age 11 should be allowed to have facebook pages because some of the younger kids dont know what theyb will be getting themselves into with facebook. At age 11 kids are sometimes aware of what and what not to post or put on facebook.

  14. I think that kids should be allow to get facebook as long as they are at least twelve years old and their parents monitor their facebook account daily.Kids can have fun and talk to friends,but their grades should be at least average.

  15. I do agree with her deeply because when any one gets a face book they may (or may not) go all out and post unnecessary information and before you know it your information is all out there (on the internet). next thing you no some creeper is out there looking at all you information posing as some other person. Many people don’t understand the the limited amount of information that you need to put out there. ❤

    p.s. 18 and older so there is not that much drama on the internet because we have sooooo much at school already XD !!!!

    • That’s a little too old, don’t you think? I know there is a lot of drama, but you have to know how to manage it. If you can handle it’s OK, like me for instance.

      • no not really because most know not to start to many things and they know not to put to much info in Facebook 😉

  16. I think if your parent allow you to have one , it’s okay. I don’t think that it’s fair that she thinks that but everyone is entitled to there opinion. I don’t believe there is a certain age you must have one, but i think it depends on your parents since you are living in their house. Me personally, I believe my mom knows what I’m getting in to, but she is my friend so she monitors my every move on there.

  17. I don’t think that facebook is apporiate at all, it shoulf only be used for children that are able to almost take care of themselves. The age that facebook should be used is at least 15 years of age. I do not have a facebook account because it is not of any use to me. It will not help me in the long run.

  18. I think that yung should not not have a facebook acout there are some bad people on there. kid should read more book from the library.

  19. I think that children of a younge age shouldn’t have facebook but once you get to a age were you are more responsible your parents should let you have a facebook.I think at the age of 12 you know who you can and can not trust and what you should and should not post on the internet.

  20. I personally think kids shouldn’t have a facebook, because there are many dangers of social networks. And they could get cyberbullied or even worse. Kids today think that nothing will ever happen to them, but you never know who’s on the other side of the screen!!!

  21. i think we should so you can connect with old friends and new but just dont say te wrong thing on facebook like cyberbullied or something……..

  22. well i think Facebook(fb) is a good way to connect with ur friends and family, but i do believe there should be a age limit into which u can have one like 18 and older cause there are some dangerous things that can happen on the internet that can never go away, but if your age from 12 to like 17 i still think you should happen a parents conformation on getting one cause anything can happen if you do it behind their bck which i kinda learned from my experience 😛

  23. i think facebook has its pros and cons . In my opinion its a good way for us teens to connect with our friends from other schools and family memebers in other states . Its also o good way to meet new people . Now i could see if we were 10 years old and too young to understand what to do with facebook . But we are 13 , 14 , 15 e.t.c . So i think 13 and older is a sufficent age because through those ages we are growing and maturing .

  24. I think that is appropriate for kids to have a facebook at the ages 14,15.16. The reason i think that the could have it is because they are more responsible, they no how to limit certain things or people going on there, and they maybe more mature. you should really be careful what youput on there and how you do it.

  25. I do belive that Facebook is a good way to connect with people, but there should be an age limit. Most children dont know how to keep themselves safe on Facebook or on other social networking sites. So I think that kids shouls at least be 12 or 13 before allowed on a social network site.

  26. i also think facebook should be use by anyone younger as long as they have the consent of their parents i think the age limit is about 13 until however older.

  27. I think that at the age of 13 kids should have facebooks because it allows friends to reconnect with each other and to jus to talk to them . Facebook to me is seeing friends talking and chatting together , getting to know a person . Honestly facebook is a good thing for many people to have ,its a way to see other people and talk online. So i think facebook is good for peope.

  28. I think facebook is a good idea for 13 year old because it allows people to talk with their friends about life, homework,class etc and have fun. also i’m not into facebook

  29. If people parents let them have a facebook , then apparently they can have one . Some people shouldn’t have a faceboook , like kids thats younger than 13 , but some people get on there and do unnecessary things . Either way , it depends on what your parents think about it .

  30. The age i think that kids should have a facebook is age 13. I think this becasue by that age your a teenager and should be more responsible. I dont think that facebook is inappropeate because my parents have one to. That allows them to monitor me and see what i write on my facebook page. Some parents dont want their kids to have a facebook and thats ok because some kids dont know the dangers of posting personal information. Kids under the age of 13 shouldnt have a facebook. Parents if your kids want a facebook be sure to make yourself one to see what they do on their. Thats my opinon of this topic.

  31. i think that facebook is appropriate for teens or young teens. to me if they understand what are the dangers,and no! no’s! then their good. i think with her children they can be considered “target” like 4 anyone how would want to hurt the president or break him down., but really to me it sounds like she doesn’t trust her kid to be on the social network or just the social network. man peolpe dont even be on it like stay up for a day on it. i dont have a problemwith it neither does my mom if u follow the guidelines she has one herself even do she doesnt have as many friends as me, but its cool. mybe the should consider a private page. that’s my feed back on the topic.

  32. I dont have a facebook.I feel as though that it is nessasary for students that are not able to see their best friends anymore and I think it is a good way to communicate.I do think that the appropriate age to have a facebook should be 13.

  33. I think some kids shouldn’t have a facebook. Some children are to young for facebook like, 8,9, & 10. I also think facebook is a good website because, you can share photos, reconnect with lost friends, & talk to all your friends.

  34. I think it’s true, but if they had a vote i will not stop it. I will say we should since most of the U.S has a facebook. You Never know if the presitdent has one too. It helps us comunicate with freinds and family. If you kill facebook you kill hearts of millions, and this could cause a riot.

  35. I think Facebook should be given only to kids 13+ because some kids dont know how to use it, and it’s a waste of time to have a facebook page at a young age.

  36. I think when using Facebook it should not be misused for your own good, such as the stealing of account info, private settings, and more. Facebook is a tool that is used to communicate with other people at any age.It is way better than MySpace!!

  37. I think anyone can have a Facebook . Specifically starting in the 6th Grade . Just because you gain more sence not to add people you don’t know . That’s why nowadays everybody migrated from myspace to Facebook ,because Facebook is allot more secure . I do agree in a certain tense with Michelle Obama these little 8&9 year olds that do have facebooks shouldn’t . What do they know if anything they need to stick to or . For Michelles Oldest Daughter I think she should have a Facebook so that she has more than one way to communicate with the people she talks to . If you don’t give your kids freedom & let them come out of the nest . They’re not going to learn and find out things for themselves .

    • Oh and then again people let Facebook become their life . they be on there 24/7 like it’s a crack addiction . Don’t those little Chuckee Cheeses Commercials say ” Get up and play for an hour a day ” ? Thats probably another reason why MOST parents won’t let their kids have one . Just because they thing they’ll get hooked

  38. Facebook is a dangerous social network because kids may give out the wrong information to the wrong people. Now a days children at the age 11 created a account on Facebook and they all add the wrong people. Also, Facebook has been used for cyber bullying a lot. So in my opinion Facebook shouldn’t be held in the hands of young children.

  39. I think if your parent allow you to have one , it’s okay. I don’t think that it’s fair that she thinks that but everyone is entitled to there opinion. I don’t believe there is a certain age you must have one, but i think it depends on your parents since you are living in their house. Me personally, I believe my mom knows what I’m getting in to, but she is my friend so she monitors my every move on there.

  40. I think that its ok for children of the ages of 13 and up to have a facebook. As long as it is for good use. Like Communicating with your friends & family memebers.

  41. i agree that the obama kids should not have fasebook because it can give away too much information about the president and were he is and what he is doing.i think that the age were you should be able to get a fasebook sold be around 14.p.s i belive it is very usefull and not just for communicating.

  42. i think that face book is not a privlage any kid can make one. its just are they mature enough to use it . i dont think it should be a problem for obama kids they are probably just trying to live up to the perfect first family but they need to justt let kids be kids

  43. I think it’s better off not to be on face book becuase it cuase problems with other strangers you don’t know they may harm you like mass murderers,emo’s,and cyber stalkers.As far as age concemption I being honest here i don’t care about what age but the most appriate age 21 and older.That’s why first lady said what she said becuase look at the mistakes that led to problem exhbit A Miley Cyrus inapropriately showing her body by mistakes on google and other network resouces.Exhibt b exposure to other young boys by girls doing the same thing miley cyrus did. Exhbit C life threating post by actual killers and rumors on others that’s extends far from the real truth.Furthermore,your giving acess for people to see how you act or feel and look at your comments beacuase it entraces them more like entertainment.That’s how you can also lose a job.

  44. yes i believe it is very appropriate… you have to understand like facebook has saved your from many missed birthdays it does the same for us. Also it reconnects us with friends we had in elementary but had departed us in middle school and or moved because of re-zoning….. facebook is one of the most resourceful sites we had today!

  45. I think the age should be 13 yrs old , because we or some people have more since not to put any important information that we can get located by.Also kids can lie about there age to get the account.

  46. ommmmgggg.. I LOVE FACEBOOK lol ! what is mrs.obama talkin about?.. well ofcouse her children shouldnt have one their like 12? cmon now lol but … i think yeah their should be and age limit for facebook.. like ages 13 to whatever..

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