YOUR opinion counts!!! Be honest…what do YOU think???

In your Language Arts classes you are reading a novel, but since you didn’t choose the novel that you wanted to read, what is your take on it?  Whatever novel you are reading in class, tell me your honest opinion about it.  So far is it what you expected…if it is, tell  me why, if it is not tell me why not?????  Please try to provide a “mature” answer and be specific with your details and/or reasons.  Also, always re-read your posting BEFORE you hit reply!!!!!



52 responses to “YOUR opinion counts!!! Be honest…what do YOU think???

  1. I can honestly say I love our book. Romeo and Juliet is just what I expected and more and I can’t wait to read the original version!

    • Kaitlyn, Congrats on being the FIRST to post to the blog! What are you still doing up? You have school tomorrow…I am glad you are enjoying Romeo and Juliet and I must say you will definitely enjoy the Old English version!! Go to bed!!!!!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  2. I love Romeo and Juliet. It was a great book, one of the thinks I really liked was their figurative language used, and how you can tell the mood in every line they say. 🙂

  3. well in reading class we are reading “stranger with my face.” At the very beginnig I thought it was going to be boring. But now it is very fun and interesting and I can’t wait to read the rest of the book.

  4. I love the book we are reading in class, Romeo and Juliet ! It is more than what I expected, I didn’t know about the family rivalry until now . It is a great book to read and do a play on !

  5. In my honest opinion i think that the book we are reading,”The Giver” is a very intersting book. I thought that it would have been boring, and make me want to go to sleep, but its actually good. I wish we had more time to read it more in my period but it is what it is. I cant wait to find out what jonas is like when he becomes a reciver. :} Bye

  6. I honestly am enjoying the book. It’s better then I expected. It’s not the type of book that I usually go for, but it’s still very interesting. The Giver is a very mysterious book, it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I enjoy it.

  7. I like our book The Giver because its very mysterious it keeps you somewhat on the edge of your seat but it has a very interesting storyline if not anything else.

  8. I think Romeo and Juliet is a really good book. I think the plot was great and very different. I understand why producers would want to make a parody twist to the movie (Gnomeo and Juliet). At first I thought it was going to be lame, but I judged a book by it’s cover and now discovered how good it was.

  9. The novel “The Giver” was very different and complex. When we started reading in class I thought the book would be boring,and I wouldn’t understand it. But, now that we read a couple of chapters I understand it and somehow I can relate to one of the charaters. The book is something I wouldn’t pick up but I glad Mrs. Cheffen chose this one. 🙂

  10. i really do love our novel Romeo and Juliet…this book is exactly what i was expecting of showed how much two indivual people loved eachother so much that they where willing to die for their love. this book was soooooo sweet and cute. i was like awww the whole time..:)…i can’t wait to go see the number 1

  11. I really don’t care what I read about in class. The only thing is that the book has to be a good book like Romeo and Juliet. The book has benn what I expected. I expected them to fall in love. I didn’t expect the two families to be fighting.

  12. The book the Giver is absolutly great. I love it. I dont think its boring . When reading this you really have to get into it, to understand. I have never read the book the Giver, so its something knew for me.But on top off that its really a great book to read.

  13. What i honestly think about the giver is that its intresting because it wasnt what i really thought it was . The giver in mi opinion is not a book that i would read because its not what i thought it would be . But overall i like the book, the title is interesting it can tell alot about the book . but its a great book to read.

  14. I think it’s really boring because I’m more of a mystery book type. I think we should read the book clue. It helps me think about what’s going to happen next and who is the victim. I really think we should switch a book. It could be roemeo and juliet because I want to know about it before we go on that field trip this tuesday.

  15. I really do enjoy the book. the book i am reading is called the giver. I think this is my type of reaidn I like to do. but i can say that this book is not for everyone. The reason I say that is because in this book you have to think about for understanding as long as reading it to. thats is what i truly think aboout this book.

  16. I liked reading Romeo & Juliet. It gives you the feeling of knowing what it was like to have forbidden love. It wasn’t every thing I expected. I thoght it was going to be boring, but it turned out to be really good.

  17. I honestly dont like the book The Giver (not to be rude). This book is kinda not my type that i would read. It boring to me too. Its probably because i dont understand it, but i dont like it.

  18. i really dont read that much but i can read. To improve my reading skills i would like to read Romeo and Juliet,but the giver is good, its one of those books that make u think or say what in the world. one the other book’s that i would like to read is monster it was a good book but i didnt get to read it. That is what i would like to read.

  19. the book we are reading is The Giver, to be honest I enjoy the book it is very different from the society we have today.I enjoy the part when they transfer memories it is so cool!!! lol ; o

  20. i love Romeo and Juliet!!!!!!! 😀 its very inspiring and moral. it tells us how far people will go Just to be together. and im glad that you chose this book for our class beacause it shows that you really “trust” our maturity level 🙂

  21. I really don’t care on any book I’m reading on unless it’s really boring. I’m in enjoying the book The Giver is interesting book and I like that it like a different community then are community.

  22. My thoughts on this book “The Giver” is it is an interesting book because it talks about a utopian society and how they have to follow a set of rules. Also the way they do things in the society and how that is different from ours. But basically the book is going good , I wish it had a little bit of action in it though.

  23. I like the book that we are reading very much. It is very intense and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. 🙂 :p

  24. The book the Giver is ok to me. I dont think its boring or anything its just not really interesting. I have never read the book so its something knew for me. But when u read u make it interesting with all the voices, and how you get in to charcter.

  25. I think the book didnt start off very strong. It didnt grab my attention like i thought it would. Once you get a few chapters within, you find yourself deep into the story, estimating the next step and to find out your wrong about the next step. It goes in a different direction, the story takes a twist and a turn and leaves you hanging on all sort of ideas. The story is everything i thought it would be and even MORE.

  26. I like Romeo and Juliet. It is a good book. I feel like I really am going to enjoy the play. The only problem I have with the book is the fact that I think Romeo and Juliet should have woken up from a supposed death and loved each other for forever. But so far it had been great!

  27. My honest opinion is that hatchet is a good book to read.It didnt grab my attention at first but now it is starting to grab my attention. It keeps me thinking what will happen next,what will Brian do after the poilt had a hard attack and he have to fly the plane by him self.

  28. the book e are reading is The Giver. this book is interesting and unlike any other book i have read. as we read on its gets sort of interesting but boring at some points in the book. i want to read on and see how Jonas is going to do with his assignment.

  29. I think The Giver is so boring . They seem like they have no kind of fun where they live in their utopian society . They dont celebrate birthdays or anything except their ceremonies . I would be so bored if i lived there . In the book , it seems like they live how people would have lived 3 thousand years ago . They even have boring rules like : no lying , everybody lies once in a while . I would just hate my life if i was a person in that book .

  30. I thought ” The Giver ” was going to be boring at first because it wasn’t very interesting , now that we have gotten further in the book it is now good and makes me want to pay more attention. The Giver is a great book , so I might watch the movie when it comes out.(:

  31. the book ”the giver” is AWESOME ! when we first started reading i thought it was going to be boring. The more we read the beter it gets, i would have NEVER thought only jonas and gabe couldn see color, or that they dont celebrate birthdays

  32. “The Giver” is kind of boring but I am starting to get the hang if it I guess . I’m still not interested in the book just because of sone parts I don’t get about it . Other than all if that I guess the book is okay ?

  33. We our reading “The Giver” in 4th period . I like it , although i would have preferred to read Romeo & Juliet only because its a popular play . But im thankful to be able to experience the play next week with Ms. Cheffen and others – Nije 🙂

  34. I think the book The Giver is a good book.It wasnt what i really expected but i really learned alot from it.I cant wait to read some more of the book because it really talks to me

  35. Well my class is reading the novel the Giver, and at first it was boring but chapter 6 is started to get better.

  36. i love the book that we have been readin in class it is called the giver.i belive that it is a great book and that everone shold read is very intertsing and keeps you thinking.

  37. it really doesnt matter to me what im reading . but if it were my choic ei would have picked something a little bit more realistic to me because no body is perfect but its alright so far

  38. we are curerntly reading the giver i am really enjoying it which is odd because im not really intrested in books thst have suspense but it made me want to go out and read and try different books

  39. No the giver is’nt at all what I expected . 😦
    It’s a horrific utopian world my definiton of book indescribable just reading it gives thoughts of confusion.
    It’s a catastrophic misphet if you ask me, you said be honest MRS.CHEFFENS well I’m giving the cake and ice cream and then some. I geuss It’s just me I’m more into other books It’s hard to describe I’m just adjetated right now I hope I spelled adjetated right.

  40. No the giver is’nt at all what I expected .
    It’s a catastrophic misphet if you ask me, you said be honest MRS.CHEFFENS well I’m giving the cake and ice cream and then some. I geuss It’s just me I’m more into other books It’s hard to describe I’m just adjetated right now I hope I spelled adjetated right.

  41. I actually think romeo and juliet is a great book. I am excited to be able to read it for my self because all my older brothers had read it and said I should read it and now when they start a conversation on the book I will be able to join during dinner time.Also I believe it is what I ecspected becuase of what my brothers would say about the book I already kinda had a understanding of the plot. I am really enjoying the book though.

  42. Im honestly not into the book “The Giver”, its not the type of book i read but I will recomend the book “Dont Look Behind You” thats my type.To be exact my types are Mystery & Suspense , Drama ,and comedy.

  43. well.. the giver in my opinon was soooo confusing and boring in the begging its just the way it started i wasnt into it at all.. but omg at the end it was sooooooo good jonas uses his memories to take him and gabe(i think thats what his name was) through a journey that shows jonases independence and in my eyes shows jonas a taste of hard times see in his community (utopian society) everything was perfect. but things got difficult for him.

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