Does this hit CLOSE TO HOME??? Teen drinking…what is your stance on it???

Students, teen drinking is nothing new, but it’s getting more attention lately.  It was a hard decision for me to post this topic, but I want to know how you feel about the subject.  We cannot idly sit back and pretend as if teen drinking does not exist..because it does.  I want you to please think long and hard before posting your comments on this one!  What do we do about it? It can’t be denied that drinking appeals to young people.  Teens will be tempted to drink and to drink often. Is teen drinking that big of a problem here in this area? If so, how do we deal with it?  Please check your spelling and re-read your comment BEFORE you submit it…….


55 responses to “Does this hit CLOSE TO HOME??? Teen drinking…what is your stance on it???

  1. Teen drinking is a big problem and one of the most caused death for teens. There are many teens that can get acohole underage. They can get it from older siblings, friends ,or even their parents.To stop this problem i think that they should make a lisence for drinking. This I.D will sence any fake I.D’s because of a special barcode. Sometimes teens drink because of problems around them so they should have special program for them. I know what its like to lose someone to drinking and drunk driving its a terrible thing and we should do something about it to prevent other people and themselves from getting injured.

  2. Natassia, congrats on being the first to post your comment to the Class Blog!! You make some very good points Natassia and although it is hard to lose anyone that you care about, losing them to something as senseless as drunk driving sounds awfully devastating. Your idea to have a barcode to detect fake I.D.’s is clever…sounds like you are on to something.

    Mrs. Cheffen~

  3. It’s very easy now a days for teens to get alcohol. Between it being in the house from parents to older siblings being able to buy it for us. I think that we should keep a close eye on it and make it harder for us to get it.

  4. teen drinking is very HUGE now, I think that most teens do it to be cool. Drinking can lead to many health problems.I think that it is outragious and it is way to easy for us to get alcohol most under age drinkers ask older people to buy them what they want, or they can git it from home…..

  5. Yes, teen drinking is a BIG problem, and the main reason for teen death. I think that now our generation has easy access to alcohol, and they mostly get them from their parents. I think in this area , it’s pretty bad, but when I know or getting around people, espically teens, who drink I don’t associate myself with them. I feel like it’s not worth ruining my life and hurting others.

    • Very smart and wise decisions you have discussed here Joi. Something as detrimental as teen drinking should make you watch the company you keep or influence who you choose to associate with.

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  6. Teen drinking is a big problem. Teens now think it is cool for them to drink and they will be accepted as popular. Even more shocking is that teens parents are allowing them to drink. This is causing teens to get D.U.I’s and even more serious trouble. We can try to do everything we can to stop teen drinking but it will continue until all of humanity is gone.

  7. Well, there hasn’t been any reportes on teens drinking prevoiusly but, it’s still a problem. I remember tasting”BUDLIGHT” (beer). To me its the most disgusting beverage I have ever tasted. I thought how could any one drink this.But, then you have the drinks that actully taste good like SMIROFF. The best tasting drink I have ever tasted. So, yes drinking is temping but I wouldn’t do it for the sake of my life.(Back to subject) teen drinking isn’t as bad but it well if we get a hand on it. Or use fake ID to get the drink. And to me we can all stop it before it progresses………


    • Wow Paige! Sounds like you have experienced this firsthand. I want you to know that there have been several reports on teen drinking lately, which is why I decided to post this topic. It is a very serious problem that needs a solution. I hope you have decided to make better choices and to stay away from ANY TYPE of alcohol.

      Mrs. Cheffen~

    • sooo…..ughhh….who gave you these bevarages?? and why did you taste them again??? (not trying to be subjective or anything)

  8. Yes teen drinking is a serious problem!! but i dont think there has been any situations involving teen drinking around this area though..thankGod 🙂 But is very easy to get an alcohol beverage as it is to get a piece of candy. Its every where you go thats why teens get tempted easily because its all around them and they cant get away from it concerning with media and their social life.I have for one been asked to take a sip of wine but i refused cause i already know that even the tinest drop of alcohol can damage a brain cell(s) 😀 we can solve this teen drinking problem by just limiting the amount of alcohol that is sold. maybe reducing the amount of advertisement that teens are accessed to

  9. i think teen drinking is a terrible thing for teens to do. its not good for anyone to do it because you can make so many MISTAKES with too many drinks. teens die yearly from car crashes , caused by them drinking alcohol.some teens may get peer pressured into drinking because someone may thing it is a “cool” thing to do.

  10. TEEN DRINKING……!! i think it is the main thing killing our generations today. Some teens do it because of stress others are pressured but this does not always main they must turn to drinking or start doing it. Many teens drink but not all suffer the consequences. Drinking causes people of all ages to do reckless and dumb thing with in the environment of to them selves. there are many ways to solve this problem but the teens are doing to find away to get around it all. Like for example when the say you must be 21 or older to buy a drink the teens will either find an adult friend to purchases it or get a fake license.
    This is a growing problem and we do need to find a way to solve it before more violence is done but first we must get the teens under complete control. ; )

  11. i think that teenagers should not be driinkig because it is twice as bad as smoking then again people r getting brain damage and cant think clearly so i think it is a bad habbit or addiction and then if u try to have a family in the future it will sometimes affect ur kids


  12. i think that it is cool to get like a sip of wine like on new years or someting but trinkin a hole bottel is too much than is rong and sold not be don becanse it can ston your groth and all tips of things to your body.

  13. I BELIEVE quintis because on new years eve you would like to take a little sip. you can take a sip asloing as you dont get hooked to it if you do im sorry for you

  14. Yes,this is a problem in this area,because everyday more kids are being influenced to drink these beverages., which is one of the leading causes of child death these days

  15. I think you sould give the teens a choice if they want to drink and get wasted and not go to college ok, if they don’t want to drink and do good in college ok. Its there choice, they sould have the right mind to do the good thing.

    • stanley i think that is great comment because it is your chocie if u dont want go college and get a good job in lifa so it is very inportant to go college and be smart drink can cause yo life to need

  16. I was read on the internet that Teens don’t just drink. They drink to excess.
    More than 8 percent of eighth graders, 16 percent of sophomores, and 24 percent of seniors report recent binge drinking (5+ drinks on the same occasion).

    Statistics show that the majority of current teen drinkers got drunk in the previous month. That includes 50 percent of the high school sophomores who drink and 65 percent of the high school seniors who drink.

  17. However, I also know that teen that drink also have these problem.Current teen drinkers are more than twice as likely to have had sexual intercourse within the past three months than teens who don’t drink.
    Higher drinking levels increase the likelihood of sexual activity.
    Adolescents who drink are more likely to engage in risky sexual activities, like having sex with someone they don’t know or failing to use birth control.

  18. Teens who drink alcohol are more likely than nondrinkers to smoke marijuana, use inhalants, or carry a weapon.
    Binge drinking substantially increases the likelihood of these activities.

  19. Academic Performance in teen who drink
    A government study published in 2007 shows a relationship between binge drinking and grades. Approximately two-thirds of students with “mostly A’s” are non-drinkers, while nearly half of the students with “mostly D’s and F’s” report binge drinking. It is not clear, however, whether academic failure leads to drinking, or vice versa.

  20. This subject are should i said topic is very important to me however, because i know teen that are older now that started drinking when they was teenager. that have some or all these problem now in life. So i am gald i had the chance to talk to them about this topic.

  21. When you’re a teenager you often face rough patches in life, whether it’s peer pressure, or stress. Everyone is different and is surrounded by different circumstance. If you are always being picked on with no friends, and you get the opportune moment to feel worthy. That bottle of beer or class of vodka might seem pretty good at the time. If you’re parents are divorced, your Dad is beating you and you are about to fell the 8th grade for the 3rd time, one drink won’t seem like a bad idea. One drink, maybe two, how about 3; when does stop? This problem is growing like cancer, spreading and killing. It’s not intentionally, the poor girl was just trying to fit in, she didn’t mean to hurt anybody, most importantly she didn’t mean to hurt herself. You want to know how to stop this corruption, start with the parents. People always blame our generation, but did they stop to think about who raised us. Most teenagers who abuse alcohol come from a long line of alcoholics. Parents, Mentors, adults may not realize, but kids are way more aware than what you give us credit for and we may not like to admit it but every day we watch to be more like you. What type of example are you inspiring a young mind to fulfill? Think about it! Second, it’s great that schools and teachers keep kids aware of the consequences to drinking, but when you’re in a kids mind all you hear is blah, blah, blah. Teenagers think what do you know? Do you know how it feels to be afraid to walk to school because you don’t fit in? Do you know how it feels to have 3 jobs and all F’s in school and your only 13? I don’t think you do, but I do. So, how can you possibly give me giddiness and tell me what is best for me? Plus, you don’t know what I’ve overcome; I will not end up like all the other alcoholics. That is precisely what teenagers think when we tell them what to do; therefore we need to strategize better. We need to help them overcome the emotional and mental damages that persuade them to drink. We need to show them that there is a better way to solve their problems besides alcohol. People drink to lose the pain, but the only thing they lose is their self. We see teenage drinking as a huge problem, but really it’s only a fraction of the bigger picture. There are all types of variables causing harm by children, teenagers, and adults, from alcohol to drugs. This has been going on for decades and what we have been doing to stop it obviously isn’t working. Therefore we need to formulate new plans to help the part of the society that is struggling with this matter. This behavior has to stop or it will continue to poison the hearts and souls of our people.

  22. i think kids all ages should not dink becoue it hart your addictive to. i think no body shold drink.

  23. I think that teen thinking is really stupid. It also shows a lack of maturity. If drink under the age. It would also show in school, because your grades would go down a lot

  24. There is no way i can saythis but….there are no excuses for this.You should never try to think its ok to drink and than drive and act like your not going to get caught. do you thijnk it is ok for you to drink than go on the road and kill a love one??.. This could all be avoided if you just follow the rules.Think aboout person taking responsibilty…opne more life we could save..Get from under the influence!!!!…..Because your life could be there lifee

  25. teenage drinking is a big problem in the united states . it is every where you can try to stop it but there will always be kids that think there above the law and think they can get away with any thing.

  26. I thank is is stupid because it can do so miny bad thangs to your body.SO STOP IT we can do it if we would do something.

  27. really 2 me if u are going 2 drink be ready feel the scars. the things that u will lose are u ready 4 u. i’ve seen the effect of this substance and its not pretty. it really stupid 2 do such a thing at lets do it when u get older. so stop, think, and look about this are u ready 2 risk your life to be a slave to alcohol. i’m like for real we still have our life to live. so dont do it be smart.

  28. Teen drinking and driving is just not acceptable for me. I know that if you do that the chanes are that you are going to end up whare you dont want to end up. I would not want to drink and drive because its dangerous and scary. If those who are so dumb would get into a car with a person drinking, you would absouluty have to think twice before you do that because you dont want to risk your life on someone that is so stupid.

  29. i think teen drinking is absolutly wrong for teenagers to do because thats a easy way for young people to die and getting high from that . The thought of teens doing that just makes me mad .Teens shouldnt do that, dont they know it can ruind there lives.What i think about it is that you can get the diseases liver failure and i know that they dont want that. So i think teen drinking is bad for young people and older people.

  30. I think that teen drinking is very stupid. When teens drink it shows that person is not very smart. Also when you drink you’re causing future risk. You don’t feel the effects now but you will later on in life because drinking can cause health issues. Some drinks can cause bad breath and who wants stinky breath when you’re talking to someone.

  31. Drinking as a teen is very very very very very very very very very very bad so dont do it children.

  32. in my eyes i think grown people should keep off of it heavy we cant act like that doesent exist you are a product of your enviorment we look up to you as role models if we see our favorite people getting srunk it is bound to happen. It has only gotten worse and the bad thing is soon your not going to be abnle to help it because soon we are going to be the adults.

  33. Teem drinking is a big issue. I don’t really think there is any way to stop it. Parents aren’t always going to be around there children. Teenagers should know right from wrong. Think about what drinking does to your body. How it can effect you in the long run.

  34. I think that teens drink these days because of peer pressure. It is also a big issue in America and it is one that needs to be solved. Parents should start talking to their kids about drinking at an early age so that they would be aware of the dangers of drinking.

  35. Yes teen drinking is a serious problem! I don’t really think there is any way to stop it..What i think about it is that you can get the diseases liver failure and i know that they dont want that.This I.D will sence any fake I.D’s because of a special barcode.So i think teen drinking is bad for young people and older people.

    I would not want to drink and drive because its dangerous and scary. If those who are so dumb would get into a car with a person drinking, you would absouluty have to think twice before you do that because you dont want to risk your life on someone that is so stupid.

  36. I think the teenagers dont think about their lives when they drink.I dont understand how they get so addicted to it but i think its wrong for underage people to drink.I think that people who are still young they should have I.D to drink because they could lose their life from doing this.

  37. Well…on my point of view, on teen drinking is that it has became a BIG PROBLEM and has gotten a lot of attention also including TEX-TING AND DRIVING but, furthermore if the USA was to take this more serious we wouldn’t have this problem. I believe it would be a good idea to put up signs like the ones above ^_^ on STREETS and BARS ,because you would be surprised if you saw a 17yr old he/she walking into a bar or pub (really you would).Which is a real eye-brow raiser..I mean I’m really saying if i were a responsible parent who was raised by even more responsible parents, my child would have a tracking device in they phone if they were to be crazy to walk inside of a bar or drinking while holding a steering…because I also was taught that life is to short for no sense…. so I think if you had to time to save your own life… why wouldn’t you take the time to save somebody’s life from a avoidable problem.

  38. Yes, teen drinking has become a big problem. People should take this problem more seriously. Teenagers die from drinking everyday & we sit there and do nothing about it. We need stop this to help others, and ourselves.

  39. I think teen drinking is a big problem. You shouldn’t be drinking alcholol at age 14,15, ect. It harms your body so, why would you want harm your body at such a young age. You have a future way ahead of you. That is why you shouldn’t drink when you are a teenager.

  40. in my opinion i think that drinking unsuppervised is a very bad illegal crime. My thoughts on this is that we should not drink at ages that we are not supposed to. Really i say that we should try at the age 26,because more and more car recks happen with teens in the the age 17 or older.

  41. well i believe that teen drinking is a big problem for teen these days becasue its so easy for kids to get them like i know of parents that buy achoal for their childrens so they can seem cool.I actually believe that drinking isnt only dangerous for teens but for adults too. I mean whatever acholo does to a teenager it will do the same to an adult. I mean acholo doesnt just say u only get affedcted if your a teen. I mean teens should follow by example ,but should just choose an good example to follow. So i think once the badn acholo for adult then they should band it for teen, but until they do that i think teens should be able to drink as much as the law allows adults.

  42. Teens aren’t gonna stop drinking if it’s already addictive or habit.For this scenario teens that do do immature stuff like that so be it’s already a law so if they get catch by the police…..”Lets just say it won’t be a pretty sight for guy or girl drinkers”. We all what crazy stuff go on from there. My advice drink responsible or face the guilty written consequences.

  43. i think that teen drinking is a big problem and that is why so many people are dieing from car crashes so more cops need to be on the road to make sure more people are not dieing…..

  44. teen drinking is against the law , BUT ‘ people do it anyways . . . . If you drink &’ drive you can put yourself and other people in danger of getting hurt or killed , becuase of something stupid that can be avoided . Some alcohol drinks are addictive , but people have to learn that you can drink but only to a certain limit . Teenagers should drink alcohol at all . When people have 4th of july parties , & ‘ new years parties , they do have alcohol drinks there most of the time , they just have to learn when to say NO and walk away .

  45. Teen drinking is a major problem. It is really getting on my nerves and its really sad because now these days they think its ok to do it under age. But its really not. Some parents just let these teens do whatever they want to thats why they do these things. Its going to catch up in lifebecause they always say that there kidz will follow there footsteps and they will see how it was like.

  46. It is a big problem in our state and around us .Teens drink ,because they are getting pressured by other teens and even adults .That is the leadig cause of death in teens now.So they need to lock down and out a stop to this A.S.A.P.

  47. i think teen drinking is innapropriate. teens shouldnt drink. its not cool. i dont think theres anything we could do about it.. to be honest teens really dont care .. if u tell them not to drink and that its wrong their gonna do the complete oppisite.. and drink anyway and not really gonna think twice about what has been said about teen drinking. if you really think about it in a way u never know what u had until ithit hits u therfor that makes u think . le alcohol can cause alot of damage soo well yea i guess this is my opinon on teen drinking

  48. I honestly think you cannot stop teen drinking . Teens will be teens regardless . We can try to ignore it . But as far as putting a stop to it , i dont think we can .
    Teens dont listen to anybody but themselves . I agree with Glenisha , teens do the somplete OPPOSITE of what they’re expected to do . So we cant stop it , the best thing to do is ignore it .

  49. well i think you can stop teen drinking if you stop making the drinks cause its stupid to make something that will kill you.

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