POSITIVITY~ We can all use more of it in LIFE!!!!!

Yes students–POSITIVITY!   I am really big on being POSITIVE in and outside of the classroom, but are we always doing our best to keep a POSITIVE attitude or outlook on life?  NO!  It can be hard to maintain a POSITIVE attitude with some of the challenges you face as teens, but IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!  I would like for you to tell me what you do to keep a POSITIVE attitude or outlook in your life.  I know for most of you being POSITIVE is something you work hard on, so share with the rest of us some kind words or POSITIVE affirmations that can help us when we’re having a not-so-good day.  If you are a person who finds it hard to be POSITIVE, then describe to me how you think you can change that.  Discuss some of the things you can do to create a POSITIVE atmosphere or environment for you and those around you.  Please remember  to re-read and check your comments BEFORE you hit submit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



41 responses to “POSITIVITY~ We can all use more of it in LIFE!!!!!

  1. Well, for i am very optomistic. I don’t waste my time with people who pestimistic and negative, it’s one of my petpeives. I was always taught no matter what you can always find the good out of a bad situation, but if you focus on the bad thats what you’ll get. Therefore i always try my best to stay positive for me and influence others to be too. Sometime I find myself being influenced by other negativity and i try to fit in with the crowd other they being myself, that’s really what i have to watch out for, but other than that im very positive.

  2. I’m nnot the most positive person in the world at all, and when I am positive it’s a shock to most people. But when I am, most likely I’m thinking of all the stuff I was blessed with that many others were not so fortunate to get.

  3. I have my days when im possitive and when im not . But ways to keep me possitive are , hanging with the people that make me happy , having high confidence , smiling , thanking god for what i have and being greatful because there are some situations worse than others , no stressing over small things , making the best out of ALL situations e.t.c . These are the things that always keep me going every day .

  4. I Think I Am Positive When I Feel Like I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To. And A Very High Confidence Level And Feeling When You Are Being Positive You Have A Good Self-Esteem Level Thats Why When I Stay Positive Cause I Ignore Ignorance.Also I Don’t Pull Out The Negative Out My Days And Situations I Throw It Away And Pull The Positive. *! : )

  5. Try to think about things in mind that makes you happy like friends, family, or a boyfriend/girlfriend (cough,cough). Always stay positive it helps alot although you might not think so.

  6. Well sometimes i can be positiive. It all depends on what type of mood I am in. Most times I can be positive. All it takes to be positive is thinking nice.

  7. If you have a sad friend do somethi ng to cheer them up. Or you could just be nice to people youu never know you could make someones day.

  8. Being postive is hard for me because most of the time their are negative people around me . I tried not to be around them because their always talking about some one or something. And when I do hand out with with postive people the negative people always trieding to turn them bad or angry alll the time. I love to be postive, it makes me HAPPY! Postive people need to help other postive people so the world can be a better place.

  9. I think I can make a positive atmosphere by listening and adjusting to my surroundings. Eventhough for most people in life others are mean, selfish , or indulging a bad influence around you.Take this example for instance someone talking about beating up someone or making rumors on others to know about in front of that person. Just gossiping about it as if they don’t care of their feelings or how they really are. Which I find more rude than talking about them behind their back, which I say is offensive and can be known as verbal bullying which can get you suspendid or worse taken to court and being sent to jail. Furthermore, my positive thoughts are just to think for the best and do good on the test.Which leads me to engage in positive harmony with peace instead of hatred or violence.

  10. I am a very positive person that don’t let anything get in my way.I keep a positive attitude all the time because im always happy.Leting something so foolish not make me a positive person is just a waist of my time.I am a very outgoing person and always hold my head up high know matter what the situation is. Nothing will not stand in my way of whats really important.Being a positive person is absolutly so great becuase you don’t have negative thoughts in your mind.

  11. Well , I wouldn’t say I’m completely negative , but i have my days . It’s hard to be positive when people make me mad . If you come to me w/ a negative attitude i will come back on you w/ one too . I can try to focus more on being positive , but it might take some time because I would basically have to think more before I start w/ the negative comments .

  12. Well , I wouldn’t say I’m completely negative , but i have my days . It’s hard to be positive when people make me mad . If you come to me w/ a negative attitude i will come back on you w/ one too . I can try to focus more on being positive , but it might take some time because I would basically have to think more before I start w/ the negative comments . Also , to keep a positive atmosphere I would have to remove all the negative feelings away from me .

  13. The thing that keeps me positive everyday is always smiling and showing love when someone needs it. I know that it really makes my day when i know that someone who is having a bad day i can cheer them up by making them laugh or smile and having a better day than the usual. When im not having a very good dayi soround myself with people who make me laugh or music that relaxs me. who doesnt like music??!!??…….But these are the things that Ireally enjooy to do.

  14. I am a positive person myself at times ,but when it comes down to others being positive its a way to show how nice someone can be. Being a positive person can help our environment because more people should be on the positive side. I would say that if your not positive its like you dont care showing that you are positive its good because your nice to others .So im a nice person who thinks on the positive side , its a god thng.

  15. Well im a very positive person. For me if im having a bad bay i just think about the good things in life and how im blessed to have them. I also think of god and how he would handle a bad that also helps me so thats how i stay positive.

  16. Well , for me being positive can sometimes be hard. For one, there’s so much negative energy around in this world from others, which effects me the most. For two, sometimes I always think the bad for myself or others, but never the good. However, in order for me to get better on that I’d have to think a lot more before I say anything because if I don’t it would most definitely be negative. To add along with that, my positive/negative ways or thoughts could happen depending on my mood at the moment, or just how my day is going. But, to create a positive environment I think there should be a lot of fun diverse activities that people can join in. That would probably be a great start off to always having positive actions.

  17. For one I’m not the most positive person on earth but when I do have a positive attitude or give positive advice people will notice. I say that because there are lost of negative thing out there in the world and you cannot look on the bright side in all situations. What I do to stay positive is …… think about how my life would turnout in the many different situations that are given to me. Like for example if I get in to the Collage of my dreams (SCAD) it will help more with the career path I would like to go into. If I do not that may have me feeling bad for awhile but on the bright side I will always have friends to support me and face it there are other Colleges out there waiting for me to come.
    My slogan for life in general is “LOVE LIFE” and “Care and be cheerful and good things will come”, they have help a lot in my many situations and in other peoples’ situations.
    That is my opinion on Positivity and I hope everyone got my point
    ~BC 😉

  18. How i can be positive by not trying to frown. When people do stupid stuf I just walk away and don’t say anything. I try to hang around with positive people. No matter what you can’t be always be positive. I just watch something funny to get happier. Hitting something that can’t be brought down could be a punching bag to get your emotions out. Everything in your life have something to deal with you. If somebody dies you get affected by emtions, or can cash. J-Lin

  19. A lot of people are pessimistic. I like to stay optimistic. I always have a smile on my face especially when I am going through a difficult time.

  20. i try to stay on the positive side about things but its not ,but i try to keep a positive attitude about things even though they may not be the most great things

  21. im mostly positive you will all aways se me with a smile. to create a positive atmosphere is to tell a funny joke or story, or a funny face, or do something funny. thats what i do.

  22. I always try to stay positive because I dont want people think I am a negative person.I just try to erase all of the bad things from my head and I just think about the more important things I have to face because its not the end of the world

  23. well for me to stay postive i will just think about what to do then go from there.It sometimes work for the best part>

  24. how i try to keep positive throughout my day and mainly everyday i try to find someone who can make me laugh or stay around funny people. plus i try to stay around positive crowds because otherwise negative groups will dampened my day and a person like me LOVES to have AWESOME DAYS :D!!!!!! makes the world go around 🙂

  25. the thing about positivity is it is hard especially when you know everyone will agree if you do get mad. So I think about the future and dkeep my eyes on the prize and stay focus sooner or later everyhting will pass by and you don’t want to remember qa negative memory that can easily be avoided.

  26. Your thoughts and feelings create your attitude, and the  emotional vibrations that you speak from your mind,  which mak the atmosphere around you. Pleasing every person you come in contact with is out of the question. Another way is to just me YOU !

  27. what i think you could do to stay positive it to think positive . One way you could do this is by always doing thethings that you know you can do and then move on to the stuff you try to do. Another way is to sometimes never give up on what you are trying to achieve.

  28. the ways to maintain a positive outcome is by thinking about the positive on everything even if your having a bad day, you should make sure everythings okay ip in your head and it’s not filled with hatred . Just your attitude alone can make you have a positive outcome

  29. I think a big way to create a positive atmosphere is to just go and be with the people that you love and some how it always seems to change the atmosphere t positive.

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