Soon-to-be 9th Graders—Tell me something you have learned this year that will HELP you next school year……

Yes!  This school year is almost over and you will all soon be 9th graders!!  How exciting!!  Tell me, in your own words, something you have learned throughout your 8th grade year that you can take to High School with you.  Describe a piece of “knowledge” in which you picked up this year that you will take and apply next year.  It can be any thing, in any class that you have acquired.  As always, remember to re-read your comments BEFORE POSTING!!!!



53 responses to “Soon-to-be 9th Graders—Tell me something you have learned this year that will HELP you next school year……

    • I learned how to find the tone and mood in a poem or story..Also Knowing how to write a Correct Stanza..
      Mrs,Cheffen You helped us advance our speaking skills and Grow our vocabulary levels to levels of High Schoolers.
      Honestly,You gave us words that we didn`t even think were words. I promise to Visit you Next Year
      Lva Ya Mrs..Cheffen

    • CONGRATS Chad on being the FIRST to blog!!! I’m glad you learned how and when to use figurative language Chad. Honestly, I hope you learned more than what you’ve stated, in other classes as well, but I’ll take this for!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  1. I learned that 9th grade math is going to be really hard so i know some trick that thought me thats going to help me in 9th grade.

    • I learned about Figurative Language, and how to find the mood and tone in a poem.. Also how to write a poem.Throughout the School Year You helped Advance our Speaking Skills and you also Grown our Vocabulary to words you wouldn`t think were words.. I always appreciated you as my Language Teacher Mrs.Cheffen, and when Next year comes I promise to come vist you =]

  2. I learned how to control my attitude a little bit better, and that not all things are how they seem like in poetry and figurative language.

  3. I learned that reading is important & that studying will really benefit me , so i should really take advantage of it .

  4. i learned about poetry and when you start to understand something you may start to like it. with math i really dont like math but math is very important throughout life itz all around you.

  5. I learned that poetry isn’t that hard if you try. I’ve learned how to write in complete sentence,(like chad said)figurative language,independent and dependent clauses,subornating conjuntions and more.This will help me in the 9th grade by learning other things that might relate to what I learned in 8th(or now!)

  6. i just now realized i spelled my last name wrong……
    WOW!paige how could you spell yur last name wrong….

  7. During my eighth grade school year, I have learned to not be afraid to ask questions, and if I do not understand what is being taught, to raise my hand and ask for a better explanation. I believe that what I have learned during this year will help me succeed in high school and the future.

  8. I have learned how to write a poem and how to analyse it. This will help me next year because My new teachers might get more into it and then ill know how to really write one.

  9. what i learned in 8th grade that i would like to take to high school is to be more postive and focuss on what im doing.I would like to thank all of my wonderful Teachers for making sure i learned everything i needed to learn . Its been a great year being your student along with all of you help .

  10. What I have learned this 8th grade year is alot.I have focused enough this school uear to have come this fare.I know 9th grade is not going to be hard for me.As the 8th grade year ends all I have to say is that i have come this far and have done excellent and that im proud of myself:)))))))))))))))

  11. What I have learned this 8th grade year is alot.I have focused enough this school year to have come this fare.I know 9th grade is not going to be hard for me.As the 8th grade year ends all I have to say is that i have come this far and have done excellent and that im proud of myself:)))))))))))))))

  12. Something that I have learned though out the years and will help me is not academic, it is actually a life lesson and that is working well with others (even thought they are not always on the same page as you). I learned this LIFE LESSON in the one and only …….Mrs. Cheffen’s class, this has also helped with being patient with other people. Thank you for helping me understand some people and how I can deal with them.

    • Biancha you are a mature student that learns very fast and you have become so patient when things don’t go as “planned” in the classroom. Your positive attitude in class and eagerness for learning has helped me in the classroom as well. I wish you the best of luck next year and beyond!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  13. i learned alot about poetry and i think that it is very important because in hight school we will be getting very indepth into it so i appreciate that i have a teacher that can prepare me for when it gets very hard.

  14. I learned how to really express myself through my creative writing and poetry, efficiently and effectely to where I am exceed all my test and writing to the best of my ability. I enjoy writing and this year has sharpened my skills on a natural talent. Mrs. Cheffen You ROCK!!!

  15. Sorry about the trip, I wanted to come, but I’ll make up for it with my delicious, mouth- watering, extravagant BROWNIES!!!

    I also learned juicey colored words to attrack my reader and keep them interested and lively!!!

  16. Well poetry has help me alot in language arts, and figurative has helped me so most. It well help me alot in my future learning classes. All of the stuff that I have learned I will carry thoughout my education.

    • Yes Marcus you have developed a love for learning and you are a joy to have in class! You have a wonderful attitude and that, along with what you have learned, will definitely take you far!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  17. What I larned in reading is you have to read fluinly. You also have to read clarly. That’s what i larnd in readind.

  18. One thing that i have learned this year is to come in with a strong possitive mind , If you do that then your year will be a good one . But one person i wont forget is you (ms. cheffen) youve have been my favorite teacher sine the 1st day and to be honest your english class is the only reason i like school ( :

    • I am just pleased Nije that you learned something. You came to my class everyday “ready” to learn and you are a very teachable student. I am so pleased with the young lady that you’ve become. You care about your education Nije and that demeanor will take you far in High School, in life. If there is anything that I can do to further help you, at anytime next year and beyond–just call or come see me sweetie–I will help!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  19. During this year in 8th gade i learned alot especial how hard you have to work to get good grades. I also learned that if you pay attention and do what is assigned that things will be eaiser for you. The best thing i learned this year is math my most difficut subject,i understand it more. Thats what i have leaned this year in 8th grade.

  20. I learned a lot. I learn the quilifications of poems, I also learned that when your in high school they pick favorites, so if you don’t do your work or even try then they will not try to help you. High scho is the next stage to independence so we have to grow up and mature. High school is going to be hard. Coach Pro. gave us little secrets for math for high school. Of they ask about Georgia at the high school then I can tell them a few things that I learned from Mrs. Hardy. If they have robotics there then I can figure out what kind of simple machines I need to make it.

  21. Some things I can take with me for next year is always remembering how to look at things from a different perspective, and not always from my point of view.

  22. One thing that i have learned this school year that will be with me in nineth grade is that i have to be a hard worker when it’s time to do my school work and study hard without giving up. 🙂

  23. I learned that stucdying can help you (although I never do it), and that everyone has a different view to everything.

  24. I learned alot of things during my eighth grade year. One thing that i have learned the most is to listen before speak you speak&& that there will always be homework. Wheather its just studing…worksheets…blogging :)..or just reading a simple book. This is going to benefit me alot because ths will show me dicipline and how there is going to be a time for work and a time for playing.This is never going to leave me. Its probably going to show me the ways of learning and how you apply them. 🙂

  25. i learned to be a harder worker and not to wait around to get assignments done ,and try my best in class and it will pay off

  26. i learned that reading makes you a better thinker and expands your mind a little more so you have a wide variety to chose from when expressing your could be a textbook,a magazine,or a very interesting novel as long as you learn something without technology there to guide you….go old school 🙂

  27. Well , I Learned Is Inhancing My Vocabulary By The S.A.T. Words . Also Analyzing A Poem By Breaking It Down By Stanza And /Or Line . Also Look At Thing From More Than One Point Of View Also From Someone Else Perspective .

  28. What i learned this year in 8th grade is figurative language. Figurative language basically makes your writing more interesting to read. I’ve also learned how to improve on my poetry skills. I know this will carry me far later on in life and help me to be a better person.

  29. I learned that i should never give up because 9th grade is going to be hard.I also learned when to use my figurative language

  30. i would take ever thing i have ever learned and take it 2 high school to become successful. its very important cause u have 2 learn something that can help u cause if i didnt i would have a hard a very hard time in the 9th grade.

  31. I learned about figurative language and how to use it.I also learned how to understand poetry,and don’t think i would be able to learn it if i hadn’t had such a good teacher.

  32. i feel that i will be on a good start in ninth grade because we already started learning on a 9th grade curriculum so i i know im going to go up there and make my teachers proud

  33. i can take a positive attitude w. me , &’ the things i learned this year w. me also . i improved in math alot so i can take that w. me tooo .

  34. I learned a lot of stuff in math that I know will help me in high school. Ms.O taught me some college/11th grade math stuff I will be using and I’m glad she taught me so when I do get to that point in high school I’ll be prepared.

  35. I have learned about figerative language, parts-of-speech,how to read a poem, what a stanza is ,and how to blog :// but I know next year in 9th grade it’s going to be much harder so I need to work harder

  36. I say that everything we learn in 8th grade is gonna help me in 9th grade.From journaling, to blogging,sat vocabulary, all the way to literature and poetry.In my personal opinion its about what helps build your confidence.Even if HIGH SCHOOL is a big step to indepedence, I know I can make it through no matter what may come my way.

  37. I’ve learned alot. I’ve learned that you can’t slack off. As soon as you do, you’re behind in so many things. You also miss out on a lot of great things , when you dont do what your suppose to. If you just come to school, do your work, and turn in all your homework, you will be good to go!

  38. okay, well this year i have learned alot but i think that the most important thing is in math and language in math it wa pathagorian therum and in language it was figurative language

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