GUESS WHAT??? It’s TEACHER APPRECIATION week!!!!!!!!!! May 2-6th….

TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK is the perfect time in the year to take a moment to show your appreciation to teachers for all the effort they put in each day to teach and for the education that you receive, thanks to them.  Tell me how you plan on showing your favorite teacher or teachers that you appreciate and care about them!   Be CREATIVE!!  Please do not think you have to spend money to show GRATITUDE, GRATEFULNESS, and/or APPRECIATIONa kind word, a beautiful drawing or poem, great behavior, a hand-picked flower–all of these things are amazing ideas!  So please share some ideas of your own on how you plan on making your teacher’s day or week special for him or her.  As always students, PLEASE check your spelling and re-read your comments BEFORE posting!!!!




88 responses to “GUESS WHAT??? It’s TEACHER APPRECIATION week!!!!!!!!!! May 2-6th….

  1. I love all my teachers. To show that I love them I will pay much more attention In class. I would help them out when I get the chance. The thing I love about my teachers is that they are willing to help us. I love the way the teacher are committed to their work and students. I know they give us a lot of work but that’s only because they want to see us to be successful in life. I also live the way they encourage us. I love the way they have faith in us as students. It’s show us student that they love us to. That is why I appreciate my lovely teachers.

    • CONGRATS Malasia on being the first to post to our class blog!! You have some great ideas for showing your appreciation to your teachers, but just you being yourself really is gift enough! You have a wonderful personality and are always smiling which brightens my day!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  2. I love all my teachers they tought me alot there are many ways i can show that i appreciate them one good way i could show that is by giving them a card i think that would give them a card at the end of the year .I can also give them a nice hug because i know many teachers love hugs.

  3. Mrs. Cheffen you’re talented, kind and funny.
    Mrs. Cheffen your you’re the sweet milk and honey
    Mrs. Watkins your inspiring, kind for all.
    You don’t let looks get in your way,
    Because to you, love is a law.
    Mrs. Hardy you’re crazy, artistic, optimistic
    Mrs. Hardy you make us go ballistic, but your never pessimistic.
    Mr. Proveax you’re a coach, mentor, and teacher.
    Your awesome because you tell bad jokes,
    But we love you for your inner features
    To all teachers around the world,
    Far and near,
    Your job may be hard,
    But it’s a beautiful thing you’re doing here.
    You’re changing lives,
    Most people can’t say the same.
    You’re giving dreams,
    Let cupid’s arrow aim…
    At you.
    Because we love everything you do.
    When you’re feeling doubt,
    That no one cares.
    When it seems like you,
    Would be better elsewhere.
    Look at the children who,
    Got through it all.
    Look at the children,
    You helped not to fall.
    Know you got them there,
    Know it was you.
    People out there need someone,
    To help them through it too.
    Your job is important,
    Maybe the most.
    Teachers are what got us here,
    So let’s make a toast.
    I wish you a great life,
    Change other’s life.
    Helping students succeed,
    Like you have helped me.
    We love you,
    And we care from the bottom of our hearts.
    Keep on teaching,
    So you’ll inspire other heart beats to start.
    Happy Teacher Appreciation Day,
    Though we appreciate you more than once a year.
    Every day is our celebration,
    That’s how much we care.

  4. I will give them so many complements this week. I will try to show my appreciation by trying to buy them something that they want. I will help them out in whatever way I can. That is what I will do.

  5. I like all of my teachers and I know it doesnt take much to show my appreciation so to show mine I am going to work harder and learn to be more independent because thats what a teacher likes most about a student

  6. I appeciate all my teachers and what they have done for me. I show my appeciation to all my teachers each day by doing my work and paying atttention. The best way how i show all my teachers that i apprecate them is to respect them and what they have to say.

  7. I appreciate all my teachers. they help and dedicate themselves to us with whatever they can , sometimes it my not be school related but they still do their best to help us . they give us their time and all their help. I would give my teachers a card telling how much i appreciate them.

  8. I will show all of my teachers appreciation in way of good behavior and not coming to school for two days.

  9. To show my appreciation this week I will coontinue to do what i am doing. Also get more involved in my activities at school. And i want to stay focused and never lose it .

  10. To show my teachers that I appreciate them is by telling them thank you.Because with alot them we wouldn’t have a great education and we would not be very educated. My teacher’s do alot of things for us and take time out of their day’s and come in too teach us.I appreciate my teachers alot and what all they have done for me through out the school year!:))))))))))))).

  11. To show how much i apreciate mi teachers is by being respectfell and kind and show how much i know from learning from each of them . Teacher apreciation week is where i would show my teachers how much i care about them .My teachers are very important to me because they taught me so much and i apreciate that .Thank you to all mi wonderful teachers.

  12. I LOVE all my teachers it would be hard just to pick one. They are all very amazing and proud of their job, even thought not all the students are on board. I thank you all of them for being able to put up with us all for 180 days of the year and still be able to come back the next day with a smile and teach the one that choose to be thought. The teacher is the hardest job out there I say this because most of the time people blame them for their students problem, people insult their intelligence, and some even expect the teacher to raise their kids from 8am to 4pm.
    That is not what a teacher is to me……
    A Teacher is a person that dedicates their time and energy to people who need to make something of their lives once they turn 18.
    A Teacher is person that likes making someone feel good 10-20 year down the line
    ……………….And because they have given some much they need to be given the appreciation that is disserved

    *Mrs. Cheffen- A rose- apparently I have missed a lot for to year and thank you for getting me back on track in language arts and you are amazing I enjoy you as a teacher and you have helped a lot
    *Miss Watkins- The pictures of all the fun time we have- you have know me for along time now (2 years)and now it is over I will miss you so I give you pictures because they are worth a thousand words.
    *Mrs. Hardy- A journal- you have so much to say but so little time, that is a good thing, a journal with help with thoughts, and ideas and any one who has or had you as a teacher knows you will have many
    *Mrs. Daily- blank CDs- because you love listening to music in class but you can only listen to so many radio stations the CDs will allow you to burn you own music and listen to that
    *Mr. Daily- You have been my teacher for 3 years and you can be cool (sometimes) but we have learned a lot from each other but what I could give you is a new book of insults. You may insult your students all the time but please try something new but I still care about you and I will come back to help wit band tutoring when needed
    ~Love to all my teachers and thank you for everything that you taught me this year!!!
    ~BC 😉

  13. You know how I am. I’m not one to so much affection, but for my teachers this year I will. I love all of my teachers and some that weren’t. Mr. Proveaux and Mrs. Alleman, even though they weren’t my teachers, they helped me alot. Mrs. Cheffen and Ms. Taylor taught me soooooo much this year, more than I was probably ever taught in Language Arts. Their kindness, love and positivity has made me not only stronger, but a better person. Mrs. Hardy’s ability to go deeper than the surface and creativity will help me all through RMSST, college, and life. Mr. Wilson’s spirital guidance and common sense helped me get through all of my math concepts. Mr. Proveaux’s humor brightens my day everytime I walk through my homeroom doors. Ms. Watkin’s motherly approach to things have helped me through all of my drama and you know I have alot. lol All my teachers I am grateful for, and I’m going to miss each and everyone of them next year. 😥

  14. To show teacher appreciation I will not give my techers a hard time , I will do all of my work , and i will show my techers respect by listening to them and giving them compliments [ :

  15. I will come to school everyday this week . I will TRY not to get in trouble . I will also TRY not to play in class .

  16. Well I Appreciate All The Work My Teacher Done To Help Completen The School Year Ms.Cheffen , Ms.Taylor , Miss .Watkins , And Mr.Proveaux. I Plan One Making This Week Possible For Teachers And Others. I Can Show My Appeciation In Mulitple Ways . Not By Material Things Either.

    Happy Teachers Appreciation Week ! 😉

  17. I love some of my teachers. Since its teachers appreciation week i would get my teachers anything they like. Most of them havce done a outstanding job teaching me everything i need to know. I will keep my eye on the prize and stay focus.

  18. YAAAAAAAA! It’s teachers appereciation week. For me it’s hard to think of something my teachers would love to have to show my appereciation. I would always think gifts or just tell them thanx. So, i really don’t what to do but just pass the class.
    Shout Out:Thanx’s Mrs.Cheffen for everything!!!!!!!!

  19. I’m upset my first thoughtful comment didn’t submit but I’ll try to remember what I put.
    Mrs. Cheffen: I love you with all my heart. You are an amazing teacher. I’m gong to miss you so much next year. For teacher appreciation week, I’m going to give you your favorite doughnuts from Ingles. 🙂
    Mrs. Taylor: You are a thoughtful and sweet teacher. This week, I’m going to give you a rose.
    Mr. Proveaux: You are one of the funniest teachers I’ve ever had! You’re awesome. This week, I’m going to give you a joke book, so next years 8th graders can have as many laughs as i did.
    Ms. Watkins: You are like a mother to me. Matter of fact, I call you Mommy Watkins. 😉 You have taught me how to calm my attitude down and helped me through soooo much drama. You always knew when something was wrong. Even though you pick on me and Jordan, I still love you and I’m going to miss you next year. This week, I’m going to give you your favorite flower.
    Mrs. Hardy: You always put me in check, even when I wasn’t in my best mood. Your critical thinking and creativity has helped me sooooooo much and it will help me through RMSST and college. This week, I’m going to give you a daisy.

    Y’all are awesome .! 🙂


  21. I must say, these comments are refreshing at 12:15 in the morning. Thanks Mrs. Cheffen for giving our students a forum and a topic to showcase how they feel about us. I am inspired!

  22. i wouldmt be any where with out my teacers so im very greatful that i was givin the teachers that i recieved at the beginning of the year

  23. to show my teachers that i apperacite them, i am going to always do my best, be good & respectfull to them and i might buy them gifts 🙂

  24. what i would do to make my favorite teacher day if i stay in class and do my work and stay out of trouble i think that would make my favorite teachers day

  25. I appreciate what all of my teachers have done to make me more successful in life. To show my appreciation I will work harder, pay attention in class more, actually try to learn something in my classes, and stay out of trouble. Even though I barely get in any trouble 😛

  26. ya to all my teacher ❤ ya.. and u should know that so no need to show it…………….kidding

  27. First of all my teacher are amazing besides one and I realy appreciate them.To show it i will be on my very best behavier

  28. to show my teachers that i appreciate them i am gonna do everything that is assigned and will be the best that i can be in their classes

  29. By doing all my work and studying, that’ll show my teachers I appreciate them. By doing this it’ll make them feel well because they know I am appreciating what they do for us. 😀

  30. Well, for Teacher’s Appreciation week I really do have a lot to think them for. To show my appreciation for all of my teachers I would bake cookies or a cake, get a nice card, or make them something that showed how much I appreciate having them as a teacher.

  31. Heyy ms.cheffen and ms.taylor….thxs 4 being such great teachers who acually care 4 the education and lives of others. i really appreciate you:)

  32. my plan for showing my teachers appreciation is….. to buy all them a gift showing them that, i thank them for their time, the state of mind, the knowledge, thier wisdom, their time, thier kind hearts, thier love and care, and most of all thier pantience.

    Mrs. Cheffen & Mrs.Taylor
    Mrs. Hardy
    and connection teachers


  33. I think all the teachers are great at this school. No matter how much they cdall our parents or give us homework it don’t matter because there teachers, that is was they do. I really think all the students should get together and a buy something big for the teachers. I appreciate all of the MSS teachers at this school, and thank you. If yall can come with us to high school and teach us, i really think it would help us alot scince yall were so educational and fun. Yall make learning funamental a word that I learn while haveing fun in class playing hang man. Once agian THANK YOU.

  34. i like all me teachers but the one that helps me the most is Ms .O I will giver her a pie or a cake

  35. Well,for teacher appreciation week i truely thanks for what you and mrs taylor done for me and others i might give you a gift

  36. i will do any thing that my teachers aks me to do this week i will apprciatate all of my teachers

  37. to show my teacher’s how muuch i like them , this week i will show lots of respect . i would also bring them a gift , probably by friday . i will also , be on my best behavior &’ do other things to please them .

  38. i show my appretiation by not acting crazy in the classroom while the teacher is teaching. if you reallyu appreciate your teacher you would show them respect all though the year and not just 1week. Cut down on the foolishness and show your teacher that you really appreciate them. SPREAD THE LOVE -_-.

  39. Mrs.Cheffin , you are my favorite teacher. And to show my appreciation I will give you some thing at the end of the year. I can’t really tell you what it is yet but trust me you will be suprized!

  40. I like all my teachers and i appreciate everything they have done for me this school year. The way i shiow appreciation to each and every one of them is by getting a’s and b’s in everyones classes on a regular bases i hope my teachers have appreciated me as much as i have appreciated them thanks for a wonderful year ms.cheffen


  42. I really thankful every thing that what most of my teachers has done for me. One teacher that i really thank is Ms. Cheffin. I thank you so much for being nice to me, you listen to my conserns,and i also thank you for listen to me when i need someone to talk to. Thank you for every thing. =)

  43. i L♥VE all my teachers & to so i apperciate them i want pay more attention in class and bring them a card (:

  44. i appriciate all my teacher even though they can make me mad with out them i would be dumber than durt but lmbooooo lol

  45. i am very thankful for all of my teachers that teach me.they did not hav to become a low paid teacher and deal with us (kids)but they do and im thankful.

  46. Where do i start???…..i love all of my teachers and tthey are so very dear to me. I truly do appreciate all the work they do. But to show all of that love for them without money,or gifts, or just special things iI will do for them, i rather just write about them all and how they have incorporated and made a better person oout of me.
    Mrs.Cheffen: You are absolutely wonderful. I dont knoe where i would be in language arts without you. You have established many things into me other than education. You taught me about character, established more wisdom, integrity at all times, its ok not to please everyone at one time, fashion, help when i needed, my psychiatrist,and how top be well rounded and to learn from what id do wrong because its ok to make the same mistake once just dont make it twice:)
    MS.Taylor you have gave mer alot to do and how to interprete all things that look good are not nessacerily always good. Ilove that!!..this will cary me throughout my years of learning and help me become a better person along the way.
    MRS.HARDY: I really dont know what to put for you because you do so much for me and i cant really sum it up in just a few paragraphs. You taught me that learning is what you get out of it and take from it. You also establish that having a big heart will get you alot of places and place you were you need to be in life.That caring yourself as a women is in great deed. You made learning very fun for me and interesting with tour great jokes. I will never forget you. 🙂
    MR.Proveau: I have never had a math teacher make math so fun for me. this has really madde it easier and i feel a little wiser. You establish hostility and wisdom in me which establishes intelligence. thank you for a wonderful year!! You ere the greaastest, 🙂
    Last but not least I would li8ke to thank MS.Watkins:) I know for a fact that there will never be anotherscience teacher that wil teach like you. You made sure we learned what we needed and in this you made me respect you very everything and inquired a good person out of me. this year has been absolutly great. Thank you guys for everything.!!

  47. I know that it is Teacher Appreciation Week, and I would like to say thank you. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t been here at Memorial for very long, but I feel as if I have been one of you and Ms. Taylor’s students all year. My heart fills with joy and warmth every time I walk into the classroom to start my day. I have never felt this strongly and appreciative about any teacher I have had. You and Ms. Taylor have accepted me into your classroom and treated me like no other student, whether I was new or not. Usually, when people transfer into a new school, the teachers act a certain way and act as if I can not do anything for myself; but you were different, and I am grateful for that. My parents have always taught me to respect my elders, but by far, you have my up-most full respect a person can give. You are intelligent and a polite, well-rounded, self-sufficient woman and I hope to be more like you. Your attitude says you can be kind, but don’t push your luck. That makes me laugh sometimes, when I realize how much you remind me of my own mother. That’s the kind of reaction and vibe I get when you speak to me: You remind me of a mother. Thank you so much for all you have done.
    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week,
    Mrs. Cheffen and Ms. Taylor!

    • Erin, you are simply a joy to have in the classroom EVERYDAY! I want to thank YOU for being a “breath of fresh air!” Continue to be the positive, wonderful, happy young lady that brightens my day each and every morning! Good luck to you and your amazing future ahead!!!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  48. Well, for teachers appreciation week i would first start by telling all 4 of my academic teachers thank you for all of their help.this year wasn’t an easy year for me at all. i had my ups and my downs ,and each of my teachers were still there.
    * Mrs.cheffen was always their to talk to about personal issues and she even helped me with lots of work i would give her a big hug (not for free) for teachers appreciation week.

  49. I’m gonna strike ’em with my talent -draw her my prevision of how I think they teach in a drawing or painting. It’ll be great and fantastico and will leave them wanting for more el’ tweire. El’ tweire is just a name I made up, if I were hispanic, no offense to that ethnic race.

  50. how im going to show that i appreciate my teachers is by simply just saying thank-you.
    Thank-you for teaching me the skills to use when i move on to 9th grade
    Thank-you for showing that you really care when it comes to my education
    Thank-you for allowing me to expand my knowledge when it comes to thinking outside the box
    Thank-you for motivating me to never give up and always keep moving forward if i want to succeed in life

  51. Ohh man,,How can i show my teachers appreciation?? I could show them appreciation by getting good grades as like im supposed to and caring for them & also Paying attention so you dont give them a headache.. Like i say all the time, “For a Positive input always come a Positive Output”

    • Thank You
      for your knowledge
      for your time
      for your kind heart
      for being there when you are needed
      for your patience
      for your honesty
      for your gift of teaching
      for humor
      for your sterness
      and much much more

      Sincerly Kayla Weatherall ❤

  52. to show my teachers that i appreciate them i will be the most respectful to them…even when im upset at them i will not let it show:)

  53. what I would do is make them a card 2 show how i am thankful 4 what the have done 2 help me through the year. thanks 4 ever things teachers.

  54. My favorite teacher is Mr. Provo. He’s helped me so much. All the teachers have. I’m going to turn in all my homework. Write down extra notes. I’ll do any and everything to show him I’ve mastered the skills. I thank him very much for spending 2 days out the week to stay after school and teach us.

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