The Summer’s Approaching FAST!!~ What are your plans??????

This school year is almost over.  I am so proud of the gains that  you all have made!  Time flies when you’re having fun…or it flies when you’re busy; either way, we find ourselves at the end of the school year!!  I am curious to know, HOW DO YOU PLAN TO SPEND YOUR SUMMER???  Please be very descriptive and specific!  Will you….go on vacation, if so where?  Do you plan on enriching your education by attending an educational summer camp?  Are you going to READ some EXCITING BOOKS this summer?  I don’t know, so tell me how do you think your summer is going to be–EXCITING?????  As always, please re-read your comments BEFORE POSTING!!!!!!



37 responses to “The Summer’s Approaching FAST!!~ What are your plans??????

  1. I plan to prepare myself for Rockdale Magnet High School. I will be attending all the camps and meetings and I will be practicing with the Marching Band. I plan to work hard, but have fun. I will spend time with my friends since we’re getting seperated and I will enjoy my last summer as a Middle Schooler. I will miss my friends and teachers, but I am excited for this new chapter in my life. My future counts from here out and I will do everything in my power to make it worth living.

  2. For my summer, I’m going to Virginia, Mississippi, and Florida. But of course, I’m going to all the Magnet camps, Rockdale camps, and Marching Band camps. My summer is going to be etremely busy. Since I’m always reading, Of course I will be reading some good books over the summer. 🙂

  3. I can’twate for summer eather. i’m going I read a lot of books is summer. I raely don’t know what I’m doing this summer.

  4. For my summer vacation , I am going to spend a week here then I’m going to New York for the rest of the summer (: I’m going to go camping , shopping , Six Flags in New Jersey , maybe Canada , swimming , the beach and more ! I can’t wait till summer vacation. My summer vacation is going to be phenomenal like always ! I also plan to study for 9th grade and read a book also .

  5. Over Summer , I’m going to be kind of busy . I am going to Marching Band camp at Salem . I’m going to be going to Orlando in July w/ family & friends . I’m going to be doing a lot of shopping & partying . I am also going to start my transition to High School . #F R E S H M A N ( :

  6. For my summer break I will be busy but to an extent. I say that because I will be a marching band and regular band practice, vacationing to Washington, and lots of relaxing with friends. I will enjoy this summer a lot because I will be busy but doing things that I enjoy doing and being around people, I want to be around. Most of my very important trips that; I do not know where they will be, will be taken in my mind through the imagination process of reading!!! I will enjoy my summer vacation I will have fun but I will also miss the people at school…..well most of them.
    ~BC 😉

  7. well every year we go on an family vaction every year. Now we don’t know excatly were we are going. We usaly go somewhere in florida. but and the end of the day we end up at mrytle beach. We have there at least 10 times.I might in the beging when I het boared.

  8. i cant wait till summer break i am going to be so very busy parts of june i will be going to florida to see my brother in the navy and his wife which is the chief in the navy. they just october had a second child so i am looking forward to seeing him ,the rest of the summer i will be enjoying my summer at the salem marching band camp with my best friends Joi&Kiana &sadly not Aminah because she is going to magnet so she will be at Rockdale,i am looking forward to a good time in high school as a FRESHMAN and expecting to be more responsible and having alot of fun !!!!!!!

  9. I’m going to spend my summer getting prepared to go High school . The things I’m gonna do to prepare for highschol is type without looking,excersise and get into a sport, and expand my mind.Also I’m this summer go over my friends house like DEVON,Wesley,Rosberries, and DJ’S.This summer I hope I can spend as muchtime as possible through to have fun in the sun “Not literally in the son ……lol” ; ) G.B. 😦

  10. this summer i am going to be traveling alot..going from state to state playing basketball…i do not plan on reading any books but i do believe that i am going to go to this educational camp this year..also i will be goin to visit colleges:)

  11. This summer me and my famliy are going on a crusie for the first time. I don’t know what type of cursie but, I know were going on a curise. Then were going to see all of my cousines at two family reunion’s. After that we’re going to hang out at the couple of beaches. Like Tybee Island in Savaannh and another beach in South Caroline were my AIR FORCE retired uncle lives. I think thats it……..

  12. What are my plans for the summer is too have a great time by whatever I plan to do. I plan to go out of town, have a big birthday bash for my birthday, go to band camp, and e.t.c. I do alot of fun things each summer.My summer is never boring because my family comes over and we party. This summer is really going to be fun because I plan to go swimming at my house, rent moon bounces,and everything.Summer is aproaching really fast and I can wait for it:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  13. I’m going to spend my summer getting prepared to go to High School . The things I’m gonna do to prepare for High School is type without looking,excercise and get into a sport, and expand my mind.Also I’m going this summer over to my friends house like DEVON,Wesley,Rosberries, and DJ’S.This summer I hope I can spend as much time as possible through summer to have fun in the sun “Not literally in the son ……lol” ; ) G.B. 😦

  14. i will play baseball over the summer of course. i also will spend my free time at six flags and on vacation. i WILL NOT be doing anything educational unless my high school requires me to do it. my summer will be very exciting because i am always going to be on the road.

  15. well this summer first i am celebrating my birthday which is on June 7th (keep that in mind 🙂 ) then right after i will be volunteering at a day care that i know very well i will be there for the whole summer then sometime during the summer i will go to Kenya to visit my dad (hes sick right now so keep him in your prayers) and sometime during the summer also i will be going to music camps and such and on june 5th i have a concert to perform in. and during late summer i will be attending marching band camp for next year 🙂

  16. This summer i will be going back to St.Croix to visit my grandma and grandpa. I can’t wait to go back to see my old friends that i have grown up with. I can’t wait to go to the beautiful beaches down thier and see my old family . I am also going to Virginia to see my other cousin too. I can’t wait for summer to come. 🙂

  17. I can’t wait till summer come. When it comes i’m going to go to the movies every day. I wouold also love to go to the pool every day. I hop eyou have a happy summer too.

  18. Well I Plan On Going To Virginia To My Grandma’s House . Also I Might Stay In Georgia And Get A Summer Job. I Replay Would Like To Replay This Summer ,Because I Had Too Much Fun. But I Really Don’t Want To Leave School . : (

  19. Im am going to have a excellent summer. Of course Im going to miss the one and only favoriest teacher I have Mrs. Cheffen. Im going to Sixflags, Florida, Whitewaters, and ect. Can’t wait until this school year is over. Of cousre Im going to read a book for next year. Im going to still be engaged in my studies. Im suppose to be working somewhere. Thats mostly it.

  20. For my summer vacation I plan to have the best time of my life. The first thing I am going to accomplish this summer, is my trip to new york for most of my vacation time. Second im coming back home to spend my time with my family on a cruise.

  21. I plan to spend my summer with my friends and working.I will also read some books so that I can enhance my vocabulary

  22. i plan to go to murtal beach this summer and not reading any books because, i did enough of that during school, so this summer is going 2 be fun.!!!

    • David, reading can be as fun as you make it! To be honest with you, a person can never do “enough” reading. It is the foundation of all learning and academics; it will take you to places you’ve never been! Myrtle Beach sounds like an exciting place to spend the summer, and while you are there kick back and journey to yet another place–by reading a book!! Keep an open mind David when it comes to reading–it will be a great asset to you with ALL of your classes and studies. Enjoy your summer David!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  23. Well this summer break is going tobe alot shorter than summer breaks i’ve had in the past but I still plan to make the best of it.My family from Newyork is going to come stay at my house for two weeks and then my family from newjersey is going to come stay for a week.I plan on goin to morgan county(WHich is were i lived for 4 years)so i can see all my old friends.I’m realy going to miss everyboddy when we go off to highschool i’m realy going to miss you to mrs.cheffen. 🙂

  24. Well what i am doing this summer is that i am going to stick around the house alot. Probably because we go on trips every summer and they take up just time spending around the house. Most importantly I thank you Mrs. Cheffen and all my other teachers for all the support and encouragement you have given me. I know i’m going to do just fine in High School.

  25. what i will be doing over the break is play summer baseball for salem,go visits my family, and will be reading the odyssey, also spend some time with my friends. tha is what i will be doing.

  26. well this summer i plan to go to muy dads house . Im pretty much going to be everywhere . Im going to FL , hanging out with friends & family , and the best part SHOPPING :).

  27. I am going to Australia for the whole summer well not the whole summer im comming back 2 days before school starts.

  28. Well what i am doing this summer is that i am going to stick around the house alot.i thank you Mrs. Cheffen and all my other teachers for all the support and encouragement you have given me. I know i’m going to do just fine in High School.

  29. This summer i might go out of country:)Also i might go to disney world,six flags,white waters,New york,chicago, and many other things.Also read a book for 9th grade. What’s a better way to start of in ap language arts thsn turning in your first project.GREAT!!….But thats abnout it . HAVE A HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!!….last but not least im going to miss Mrs.Cheffen …Your THE BEST!!

  30. My plans are to go on vacation to my hometown Long Beach California and spend time with my family that lives up there

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