Students the year is almost over, so let’s take yet another JOURNEY!  I would like to know what your favorite field trip has been this school year.  Describe to me and the rest of your classmates where you went, what you learned, and why it was THE BEST FIELD TRIP you’ve ever had??!!!  If you haven’t travelled to any of the field trips this year, describe one that you have taken previously.  Make sure that you are using complete sentences, check your spelling, and remember to re-read your comments BEFORE POSTING!!!!!!



40 responses to “YOUR FAVORITE FIELD TRIP!!!

  1. The Best Field Trip I Went On Is Peek Chapel Elementary School. I Love How I Had The Option To Experience To Be A Teacher ANd Work With 1st Graders. Also I’m Glad That I Had A Chance To Work With My Group Memebers Alexus H. And Peyton C.
    We Worked Good As A Team .

    • Shantell,

      Congrats on being the FIRST to blog this week!!! I am oh so happy that you enjoyed the “teach for a day” field trip experience with Miss Watkins! It brings me joy to know that you enjoyed your first teaching experience with a first-grade class. I am so proud of you!! Who knows, maybe that has inspired you to one day become a teacher……

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  2. i liked the feild trip when we went to the high arts museum . it was something that different . i liked seeing the different arts and statues and other things. it was very interesting

  3. My favorite trip was Romeo & Juliet . It was very interesting & funny too . I liked how we got to read the book & actually got to experience it . I would like to do something like that again .

  4. I liked the romeo and juliet feildtrip because it was nice and somewhat educational. when i went to the fieldtrip it wasnt what i exspected because it was so real , and the acters where really godd .So i liked the fieltrip it was fun

  5. My favorite feild trip was Savannah. It was boring at first with all the museums and creepy tour guide, but it got better after Fort Paloski.We had so much fun shopping with Mrs. Cheffen and cruising on the beatiful water even though the food was nasty. It was so FUN and in the way back we slept like a baby. I wish it stayed a 3 day trip, but it was fun a 1 day trip too.

  6. I loved the ghost tour too and watching people get freaked out. Everything in Savannah is huanted, though i’m not sure i beleive all of the myths.

  7. My favorite feild trip was Romeo & Juliete. I really enjoyed that because it was somewhat educational and fun to gog to.Although I never read the book, but it was really fun to see the play.Like in real life.That is a feild trip I could never forget.

  8. My favorite felid trip was Savannah. I enjoy it because I was able to be with all of my closest friends. It was tiring experience but very enjoyable. The things that I enjoyed the most was the ghost tour even though we did not see much it was funny to see everybody get so freaked out. I also liked the boat ride other then the disturbing dinner (people playing with the shrimp). Te whole experience was very enjoyable and I learned a lot about people and mostly the wired people. Wish some of the other could have come because you would have enjoyed it!!!!!!
    ~BC 🙂

  9. My favorite field trip would be a tie between the Romeo & Juliet and the elementary workshop. Romeo & Juliet prepared me for next year’s literature and the elementary workshop was a experience all together. Working with little kids wasn’t something I imagined to be fun since I’m not a fan of little kids, but now I like kids better so both helped me in two completely different areas

  10. my favorite field trip was when we went to the Romeo and Juliet play. this was the best field trip to me because i got to be in a hole different environment.:)

  11. I actually liked two field trips. One was here at memorial middle and the other was at my old elementary school.The Savavnnah was fun,especially the boat curise. It was funny when they said we were shaking the boat because we were fist pupping and jumping to hard.The elementary field trip was when we when to Coca-Cola World. That was suuupppper fun because my
    group got the chance to taste varities of soda’s.
    (P.S. there was some acholo in some of them but, not a lot……)

  12. my favorite field trip this year was the Romeo & Juliet it was SOOOOO much fun cause we actually got to see a real live expirence of how they actually acted in the reinessance era (well kinda)i love going to theatres and that time i really enjoyed it it was life changing 🙂

  13. my favorite would be six flags, and the high museum. Those were the best, it was just cool to be with friends and sometimes learn new things.

  14. The best trip I went on this year was Savannah!!! It was really cool and has very interesting facts. I love how behaved the people were. Definatly not like conyers. They have really nice stores!!! Also there streets are weird and different from conyers. It was a cool trip because we got to be with our friends and got to do and go to variety of places!!! I learned that there are ghost that still hunt places in Savannah!!! I really do want to go back!!!

  15. I don’t know want my faverite filtrip. Some filtipes i like and some I don’t. My faverite I think is in elamitre school going to rockdel janastic

  16. My favorite feildtrip was the High Museum it was a good tour, I found it funny about certain arts. Overall it was a good trip and led to a art experience boque. One more feildtrip I liked was Ms.Watkins to Peek’s Chapel it was entrusting to be on the other side of the shoe.

  17. My favorte trip was savannah it was super fun it was boring at first because we kept going to alot of museums ,but it got better a little later when we went to river street with Mr.Proveux,and other teachers. He was halarious especially when we took pictures and etc.I learned alot about the history behind savannah and how it is very haunted,and where ever you walk you never know when you’re walking on a semetary. .I also thought the cruise was fun ,but the food was not tht good except the steak to did alot in one day i wish it was a 3 day trip like aminah said i think it would have been a little more better,but the trip was still fun.

  18. to me the best field trip was the six was cool because all of my friends were there. i learned that roller coasters are math and science

  19. My favorite fieldtrip was the Savannah trip. We took alot of tours and I learned alot.My favorite tour was when got to hear about how blacks and whites didnt get to do certain things back in the day.I really enjoyed

  20. my favorite field trip would be Six Flags because it was so fun and i got to hang with my fiends and ride roller coasters 🙂

  21. I ABSOLUTELY loved that Peeks Chapel Fieldtrip. It was so fun geeting to teach the little 5TH graders. Then i got tea at luch time cause i was actually treated like a teacher.

  22. My favorite field trip was the romeo and juliet field trip. I never knew that it was about a fued between two families. It was a very fun and interesting trip and i enjoyed it alot. The actors also protraied the story and characters well so it helped me understand it better.

  23. The best trip i’ve went on is the High Museum of Art. Considering that i love art it was a great expierence for me.The only thing that would have made it better is if the tour was longer since i’ve never been. Overall it was a great trip to go on.

  24. MY favorite field trip was with miss watkins doing are teacher assignment. This is one of my favborite because i really do enjoy kids and iind out how kids learn always wanted to find out the different ways kids teach. This is one of my favorite field trips.

  25. my favorite field trip is savannah because we went to the other part of georgia were I haven’t been

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