Hey rising 9th graders!!!  I am just checking in with you to see how your summer is going.  Feel free to tell me what you have enjoyed doing, what you would like to do before the summer ends, and/or what you and your family and friends plan on doing before school starts back in August.  I truly hope you all are having a wonderful summer, but are making wise choices as well!!  ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 responses to “SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!

  1. Hey Mrs. Cheffen,
    I hate the summer pretty much after the second week. Its boring and all I do is the same thing over and over again and by the same thing I mean nothing. I’m bored out of my mind and all my parents do is work during the week. I wish we had no summer and a week off from school every month. I really hope my summer livens up a little… A LOT, actually. I want to go on vacation and hang with my friends more. The only real activities I do during the week are school related things like marching band,which I love, and Magnet Camps. So, thatt’s where I stand right about now. How has your summer been? I hope SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

    • Aminah,

      I have had a short summer, but a great one! I went to Florida and spent 5 days relaxing in the sun, travelled to Arkansas to visit my family, and went to Savannah to tour the college my daughter will be attending soon–Savannah State!! I have had a very busy time off. I hope you are ready to begin your journey through High School. I actually saw your Mom last evening at Rockdale’s Open House. Have an AWESOME school year Aminah, and remember, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help at any time!! I am so proud of the wonderful young lady you’ve become!!!!!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

      • Thank You very much. I saw your son today at school. He’s very nice. How was your first day of school? I know the 8th graders this year won’t be nearly as fun, smart, and good as we were. lol!!!

  2. My summer has been very busy! Magnent has so much for us to do over the summer that I can’t really enjoy it, but that’s the price I have to pay.

  3. Very relaxing I was able to practice my marching band music, visit family, and enjoy my favorite water sports. I have been very calm so far!!!!

  4. My summer has been ausome salem marching band is so much fun!!! .Me and Kiana went to tennesse to Dollywood that was fun then i went to Jacksonville Florida to see my brother ,wife and 2 kids other than those 2 major trips i have been too .Ihave been at salem getting ready for marching band. i will miss u mrs cheffen and hope to see you again:)).

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