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  1. my thorns were difficulties in math and my roses were in social studies and language arts this semester i plan to give 100 percent in all that i do šŸ™‚ .

  2. rose: was having fun with learning and understanding more things school has to offer…..

    thorns: having to get used to all the teachers lik at first i didnt like all my teachers but now i like some of them

    • IMichael, I am glad you seem to be having “fun” while learning, that’s great! Try to keep an open-mind when dealing with your teachers; we are only human and want to see you excell.
      Mrs. Cheffen~

  3. Roses: Conversation Cafe…especially the food lol
    Thorns: Writing so many essays….(i don’t like essays! lol)

    • Chad you are a leader in the classroom. Stay focused and get used to the essay writing because it is not going away..~smile~ This is why we have Conversation Cafe to motivate and inspire you to write and enjoy it–all in one!
      Mrs. Cheffen~

  4. Roses: being able to learn in fun and inspiring ways with wonderful teachers.

    Thorns: too many journals and essays

  5. ROSES:the best part of the first semester was having both connections with my bestfriend chantel.. šŸ™‚
    THORNS:the worst part was having to do all of that social studies work.. šŸ˜¦

    • Good for you Ayanna! It’s great to have class with good friends. A little hard work never hurt anyone and you are a great student so continue to give it your best shot!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  6. roses: making new friends and doing better in my grades than last year
    thorns: more projects and pages and pages of homework

  7. Rose’s -Got to meet soom new people and made a new bestie
    Thorns-did’nt do as well as i wanted to to 1st semster

  8. roses: having the opportunity to being able to learn from mrs cheffen and mrs taylor and havin them as a teacher. (and no im not tryin to stuck up)
    thorns: hoping that mrs. cheffen will stop being so mean to me gosh lol jk šŸ˜› but yea im tryin to study more and sharpen my reading skills.

    • Kendra, ~insider~ you are doing just fine! Love your great attitude…study a little bit–EVERYDAY and I can give you an extra push to sharpen those Reading skills, we’ll talk!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  9. Roses: i did awesome in math and good in language arts and i did very good in science i was suprised.
    Thorns: social studies but i expect to do better this year…….

    • Good for you Lania! I see how you changed your study habits in Language Arts, but guess what? You can apply the same focus and drive in ALL of your classes–it’s up to you!! Good luck!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  10. my roses are for the 1st semester are me making the football team and passing the 1st semester.
    and my thorns are for me getting c’s on my report cards

    • Elijah, it is a good thing to make the football team, just make sure you work hard and focus on your studies so you can continue to participate in the extracurricular activities. You are well on your way, but try to make “studying and reading” a daily routine and you will definitely continue to prosper!

      Mrs. Cheffen~

  11. Roses: Having the best time & laughing at certain people šŸ˜‰
    Thorns: The couple of lextures & essays šŸ˜¦

  12. my roses are making sure that i do me whenever …and whatever

    thorns are making sure that people dont lead me off off that!!!

  13. Roses ; meeting new people & making a lot of new friends .
    Thorns ; we read a lot of articles in Ms.Patrus language arts class .

  14. Roses : meeting new people & making new friends .
    Throns : me not paying attention in class so i ended up with low grades .

  15. My roses are for the lovely exciting grades i will be having this school and also passing the first semester

    And my thorns are passing Social Studies


    • Nicole, thanks for your help today! In reference to Lang. Arts having little homework, we complete and assess a lot during the class period, but that is going to filter over to more practice at home this 2nd Semester because we have to work harder to exceed the CRCT! In regards to studying for the vocabulary test, Nicole yes you are definitely going to have to study your definitions sweetie! Try to keep a positive attitude, work harder, and you will see your grade and knowledge flourish!

  17. my roses see how i said that my roses so hot is going undefeated with this basketball team just like my l.a grades. my thornes are still happening with all these sat quizzes.

  18. roses:i think that everything in this class is fun even the work
    thorns:i have no torns because im the best at everyhing lol

  19. well i wud hav 2 say my roses were all da ppl who cared enough 4 me 2 help me b seccessful n majority of my classes includin my teachers n my friends also da workin atmosphere dey provided….even doe dey used different teachin methods dey all made sure we understood our work n i think dey tried 2 mak it as fun as possibale n i relly appreciate dat

    my thorns on da otha hand wud hav 2 b my test hands down i mean i felt lik i knew all i had 2 bout a test den end up makin lik a 75 or sum n dat aint even cool (especially n math ughh) bt i aint even gon flex cuz i felt da same way bout dem vocab. test Mrs.cheffen gave us…nahh maybe its cuz i didnt studie 4 dem lol…its ok doe cuz i kno i aint da only 1 šŸ™‚

    • Trent, let’s try to make sure we are posting a grammatically correct response for the blog topic. Second Semester focus on developing good study habits for “all” of your classes and you will have continued success!

      ~Mrs. Cheffen~

  20. ROSE:learnig new information, having new teachers, making new friends, and doing good in my studies.

    THORN:was taking a lot of test, and to focus on school and sports.

  21. roses: I like that this language arts class is fun and that i have a great teacher.

    thorns: It was hard doing the SAT words cause for some i couldn’t find the defintion.

  22. not to me because i read books to imagine th\at i am there because the truth is i may never go there so it is good to imagine the good life!!!!!!!!!!

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